5 Ways to Have a Staycation During Nap Time

5 Ways to Have a Staycation During Nap Time


This weekend, my precious baby boy woke up on Saturday morning with spots on his face. It was the oh-so-common “Hand Foot and Mouth Disease”… it’s not bad, not particularly awful or anything, but it is HIGHLY contagious among the population that rubs their gums on anything [or anyone] they find to be somewhat pleasing to them. SO… I had to stay inside and keep my germ-mongering toddler away from the outside world. When I first decided to do this I was all like “Yeah! It’s hot outside so we can just be cool in the air conditioning!” but then after about two hours, I was banging on the windows as people walked by begging them to rescue me from the hell that was Peppa Pig, and my stir-crazy NEEDS-TO-GO-OUTSIDE-OR-CLIMB-ANYTHING-HE-CAN toddler child. [Okay, I’m dramatic… we actually had a ton of fun playing with snapchat].

Needless to say, I needed to turn my attitude around. So I thought about making this inside-all-weekend stint into a staycation of sorts. And, just like any family vacation, I needed to make sure I had a little me time during my boy’s afternoon naps. I gave myself a tiny staycation during nap time. And let me tell you… it made SUCH a difference.

Me time is something many moms [especially stay-at-home moms] don’t get enough of. I once read somewhere that the most successful moms are the ones who take the time [even if it’s 30 minutes] to do ONE thing for just themselves that day. A quick workout. A good long shower. An appointment to get their bikini waxed [hey, to each their own!]. For me, it’s getting a spray tan. Once I have one, I feel like an Amazonian goddess queen of the island as I raise up my little Earth child up among the indigenous and the animals.

LORD, help me.

But it’s true. It’s amazing how much better you feel after taking a moment to do something that makes you feel like… well, you. Something that makes you feel like you are an inkling of who you were before you were mommymommymommymommymommy. The reality is, these staycation ideas can be done weekly if you can manage! And, really, everyone can manage a little, tiny staycation during nap time. Need inspiration? These are easy to do and will make you feel like you took a moment to get a little R&R for yourself during nap time. So, put the laundry down. The dishes can wait. Trust me. You deserve it.

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1. Try a New Restaurant

One of the best parts about Vacation is getting to try out something new! I love going to restaurants I haven’t been to before and trying foods [especially desserts] that I haven’t indulged in before. Becoming a parent removes a lot of time that I used to be able to spend with new foods, ambiances and neighborhoods. A vacation (and yes, even a Staycation during nap time) is the perfect opportunity to indulge a little, so why not try something new?

Now, I’m not telling you to leave your napping child and go try out a new place to eat… that would be wrong. and illegal. and just wrong. In this day and age, we have some amazing resources to utilize, like on-demand delivery services. With just the download of an app or a click of a button, you can have awesome fair from far away places [or your favorite hole-in-the-wall-Thai place] delivered to your door. Congrats. Your kitchen is now a Parisian cafe. So go ahead and stuff your hard-working-mommy-mouth with macarons. [And just FYI, no, they don’t deliver margaritas. Don’t ask me how I know.] Also, you BET’CHA I made my Favor guy pose for a photo. MiCocina for the win!

Here are some awesome companies that will probably deliver in your area:

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2. Read in a Garden

If you have a beautiful garden, step outside with the baby monitor and your favorite book [it’s okay if your favorite book is Facebook. You can do that, too. Just try to take this moment to indulge instead of getting things done, so don’t order toilet paper from Amazon or pay your bills. They can wait until tomorrow. You’re on staycation].

Don’t have a beautiful garden to read and relax in? You can easily make your living room FEEL and smell like a garden. If you know you’re going to need a Staycation during nap time this week, head over to Trader Joe’s and pick up some of their gorgeous [and well-priced] garden roses or hydrangeas. Fresh flowers automatically make me feel indulgent and relaxed a bit.

Don’t have fresh flowers? Use essential oils. Lavender, Rose and Chamomile are among my favorites. These essential oils, when blended together and put into a diffuser, will make your home smell like the most gorgeous garden grounds! Want more floral blends? Check out these flowery blends you can make yourself at home.

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3. Go to the Spa

You don’t have to leave your house to have a lovely spa-day staycation during nap time! Just head to your bathroom and give yourself a day [well, a couple of hours] of pampering! Paint your toes, give your hair a conditioning mask, or simply wash your hair [shoot, that’s a rarity these days for me!] OR you can give yourself a facial!

Here’s what I did on the mini-spa staycay that I gave myself on Saturday when B was sick!

I started by washing my face with the Beautycounter Rejuvenating Cleanser. Then, I applied the Charcoal face mask. After that, I applied this lovely face oil on my face and finished with the moisturizer! Afterwords, I felt refreshed and beautiful! You can buy these products by clicking on them below. Make sure you list Chandler Hatchett as your consultant so that I can send you a little something sweet to thank you for reading this far into my post!

4. Go Dancing

Want to dedication your staycation during nap time to moving your body? Get yourself a little sweat in. Go online to youtube and google hip hop exercise class or zumba class, or Jazzercise class or even the new, cool, dance craze… Cise class! No one is watching. Enjoy the music. Dance. Pretend there are hot, Latin men all around you and you are back in a club in Mendoza, Argentina like you were when you studied abroad and you were 22! Dance, girl!!! Turn that living room into a nightclub. The stupider you feel, the better you look, I promise.

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5. Go to the Beach

I live in Dallas. There ain’t no beach anywhere near here! Plus, I only have a 2 hours MAX time period for a staycation during nap time! So, for this one, I have to outsource my need for the sun, salt and sand and I indulge in my favorites from Coastal Salt & Soul.

First, I light up this amazing candle, which smells just like the ocean! It’s heavenly and makes my whole bathroom smell divine! Then, I take a nice, long bath [my absolute favorite thing to do] and I exfoliate my skin really well [they also have a salt scrub!] and I just imagine that I’m in the water, on the sand, right? haha!

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Once I’m out of the bath, I slather up on the AMAZING body butters, balms and hand lotions! They come in the most beautiful jars, too! This company is so cool, y’all! Each scent is designed after a specific memory that the owner had by the beach. My favorite smell is Blushing Peony! It’s unbelievable. I also like Mediterranean Citrus! The candle is in Ocean Gardenia and it smells amazing! All of their scents are so beachy and make you feel [and smell] like you’re on vacation!

5 Ways to Have a Staycation During Nap Time // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

You can buy these items here:

This is something I like to pair up with a spa-day staycation! I walk out of my bathroom like:

Try to take a moment for yourself this week [or weekend] and give yourself a staycation during nap time! Turn your home into a faraway place for you to escape to for a couple of hours! You deserve a staycation!

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