6 Easy Wellness Checks You Can Do Daily to Keep from Getting Sick

6 Easy Wellness Checks You Can Do Daily to Keep from Getting Sick

Being a mom is hard. It’s amazing, but it’s hard. Since becoming a mom, I’ve become so busy that I can hardly find time to do the things I love, much less the things I don’t love so much [like my annual wellness checks and dental appointments]. Often times I put so much pressure on myself to achieve whatever it is I need to achieve NOW, that I end up running myself into the ground. There’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 2 years as a mom, and that’s that I am much better at providing what my family needs when I’m well than when I’m sick. Sick me puts our whole family out of whack and ends up setting me back more than taking a moment to take care of myself would’ve in the first place! So, I’ve made it a point to take care of myself a little bit every day to help ensure that my family gets the best of me instead of the sickest of me! These 6 easy wellness checks you can do daily are simple and easy ways to stop and do something for yourself every day to ensure that you don’t get sick! Even if it’s for just a minute here and there, doing these ensures that you stop and make some time for yourself, which you deserve, mama!

Now, I’m not talking wellness checks in the form of checking for lumps or making sure your moles haven’t changed [both of which you should be doing anyways]. These 6 easy wellness checks you can do daily have more to do with overall wellness and make you remember to incorporate a little wellness into your day to day life. And the best part? They can all be done in under a minute or two:

  1. Drink a glass of water. 
    Hey mama! Stop what you’re doing and pour yourself a glass of water. The tantrum happening on your kitchen floor can wait for the 30 seconds this will take. Even if you have to chug it while playing Hulk and Spiderman, make sure you stop and drink a glass of water. Your body needs it to stay well, which means your baby needs you to drink that water too.
  2. Squat.
    Drop it low, mama! Make it a goal to do 10 squats every now and then throughout the day. Yes, stop what you’re doing and squat. Make it a dance party. I don’t care, just do it. Keep you shoulders back, weight in your heels, feet shoulder-width apart and put that booty to the floor then stand back up. Try and do 10 squats 3-5 times throughout the day. Squatting is the single best movement you can do for overall wellness. It strengthens your hips and legs, tightens your core and improves your balance. You’ll be a little more sturdy during mommy-jungle-gym [which ALWAYS happens during glass-of-wine-time, right?]  It’ll make you stronger overall and it’ll get that booty nice and tight, too.
  3. Practice deep breathing.
    Get your zen on, mama! Mommy-ing is hard and stressful. Anxiety is a crazy mother effer and will sneak up on you and literally suck the life out of you. Don’t let it [I know that’s virtually impossible, but this little trick can be very helpful]. Lock yourself into the bathroom. Close your eyes. Take a DEEP breath in and slowly count to  5 while you do it. Suck the air deep into your stomach. Then hold your breath in for 5 seconds and breathe out for 5 slow seconds. Do it again [you might have to start with 3 long seconds and work your way up]. After a few rounds, you’re done. It should only take a minute or two.
  4. Eat something green every day.
    Just do it, mama! Try to incorporate at least ONE green thing into your meals or snacks for the day. No, green skittles don’t count. Your body needs vegetables, especially leafy greens, more than you know. Cucumbers are my go-to because I love the way they taste and they’re great for hydration. Kale is another one of my favorites.
  5. Go the [bleep] to sleep.
    You need sleep, mama. You need it. I don’t care if you’re four episodes behind on The Bachelor. GO TO SLEEP. Turn your phone off, sniff some lavender and close your eyes. You know all those things you’ve been waiting until bedtime to accomplish? Don’t. You can do them tomorrow night. In fact, you’ll do them better tomorrow night because YOU GOT SOME REST THE NIGHT BEFORE! Go to sleep. Take a Melatonin [I take Kavinace as an all natural GABA booster and anxiety killer], pull the eye mask over those eyes and rest. Your family needs you to rest.
  6. When you feel sickness coming on, do something about it.
    Guess what, mama… You’re still going to get sick at some point. And when you do, take care of it. Waiting for a cold to pass usually only makes your sickness stick around longer… ugh. Do yourself a favor and go to the doctor.

Listening to your body is the first step to wellness, and our bodies are designed to tell us if something isn’t right, we just don’t always stop long enough to listen or do anything about it! Remember, you can only pour from a cup that’s full – you can best serve others when you’re the best version of yourself!

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