5 Unique Stocking Stuffers You Won’t Find Just Anywhere

5 Unique Stocking Stuffers You Won’t Find Just Anywhere

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Hey guys!

Christmas  is officially 16 days away… HOLY CRAP! What? In my head it should still be July!! Ugh… this mom thing really does make time fly by… This time last year I was SUPER pregnant. Now, I am planning for Santa’s big arrival and telling B all about Jesus. Praise God for this awesome season, but PLEASE, GOD… slow it down a bit! I need to savor it all…

Now that Santa will be here in 2 weeks, I’m looking for cool things to help him fill our stockings with! And if you’re anything like me, the more unique, the better. I’ve been searching and searching and I think I’ve found my top 6 unique stocking stuffers that you won’t find just anywhere!

For the guy who has everything // Sock101:

6 Unique Stocking Stuffers // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

What do you get for the guy who has everything? A membership to Sock101, of course! This club gets your guy a pair of socks each month! They’re different, fun and useful! No matter how much a man has, he’ll always need socks! Go ahead and buy him a membership and fill his stocking with the first pair!

For the cook // Ceramic Garlic Grater:

6 Unique Stocking Stuffers // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

Y’all… this thing changed my life! I’ve had mine for over a year now and I absolutely LOVE it! This little Ceramic Garlic Grater dish makes cooking so much easier, it’s crazy! Plus, it’ll fit perfectly in any stocking! The dish is made with little grooves in it that you simply rub your garlic across and it grates it for you! No more mincing! I’ve used it with carrots and ginger too!! It’s a FABULOUS gift for anyone who likes to cook or entertain at home! I grate my garlic and pour olive oil over it and put it out with some GF bread for my guests to dip right into! Plus, it comes with a garlic peeler, too!

For the guy who’s going through a paleo phase // Steve’s Paleo Sauces:

6 Unique Stocking Stuffers // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

When my husband first announced that he was “going paleo,” I laughed at him. Little did I know that a few months later, I’d be “going paleo” and that this little phase would become our lifestyle! That Christmas, I bought him a bunch of these paleo sauces, and he loved them! When someone is first starting out with the paleo lifestyle, the food can seem a little bland. So, these sauces can make the transition much easier! If you have a friend that’s going paleo, they’ll thank you for this one! If you’re in Dallas and don’t want to wait for shipping and handling, you can buy these at Crossfit White Rock in East Dallas!

For the mommy // Green Sprouts Disposable Compressed Wipes:

6 Unique Stocking Stuffers // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

These all-natural compressed wipes have been a GOD-SEND over the past year as a new momma! They are the COOLEST thing!! You take one of those little white pods, dip it in water, and use them to wipe baby’s face, bottom, hands… you name it! It’s one of my new mommy MUST HAVES and is a fabulous stocking stuffer for any mommy! [These are great to have anyways, even if you’re not a mom! I use them in general!]

For the sweet tooth // Charmant Sweets Simply Sacked Cocoa Kit:

6 Unique Stocking Stuffers // www.https://www.thehisfor.com

These are the most darling little wrapped Hot Cocoa Kits made by one of my old students, actually! She graduated and started her own bakery and her things are amazing! These hand-made marshmallows melt perfectly in her hot chocolate mix and they’re wrapped up so preciously! How cute are they? It’s the perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a sweet tooth! If you order one, let her know you heard about her from her favorite Spanish teacher! Haha!


To shop these and more of my favorite stocking stuffers, see below! Merry Christmas!

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