6 Wellness Influencers You Should Follow if You Want All the Inspiration

6 Wellness Influencers You Should Follow if You Want All the Inspiration

Sometimes, living a lifestyle that’s wellness-first can feel a little stagnant – it’s not always easy trying to find ways to keep up the good fight in a fresh light. Luckily, we have some amazing women who are blazing the trail and posting all about what they’ve learned along the way on the internet to make our lives easier! Looking for some wellness and health inspiration? Look no further – these are some of our favorite influencers to follow for all things health and wellness!


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Items in your pantry – 🥫Ketchup🍅 One of the differences in ketchup is the sugar. We’ve been told by health experts for years to limit our intake of added sugars. Why❓ DIFFERENT ADDED SUGARS: 1️⃣Table sugar (sucrose) is a 50/50 mix of glucose and fructose. 2️⃣HFCS is advertised as 45/55 mix of glucose and fructose. Even though USC found samples containing 65% fructose (1) *for this post we are not talking about the naturally occurring fructose found in fruit. THE PROBLEM WITH BOTH SUGARS: 1️⃣ “Fructose is metabolized in the liver. The liver can turn the fructose into glycogen (stored carbs), but it has limited storage capacity. While smaller amounts of fructose from fruit can be fine, large doses from soda or sweets can overload the liver and be converted to fat. In the long term, this fat accumulation can lead to serious health problems, such as fatty liver disease and type 2 diabetes”(2) On the other hand, “glucose is easily transported and utilized by every cell in your body. It’s also the predominant fuel source for high-intensity exercise and various processes. In contrast, the fructose from HFCS or table sugar needs to be converted to fat or glycogen (stored carbs) by the liver before it can be used as fuel.”(2) Additional info on HFCS: 1️⃣highly processed – gmo corn kernels are soaked to extract corn starch and then they add enzymes, refining the naturally occurring glucose into a syrup that contains higher levels of fructose (3) 2️⃣small amounts found to be contaminated with detectable amounts of mercury (4) 3️⃣Why is HFCS even used in food? The main reasons are that it is cheap, easy to transport/store, and is stable in acidic and liquid foods. This makes it desirable for some companies in the food industry. . 👎🏻🌟There are many diseases that a high fructose diet has been linked to (these are not to fear you, they are simply studies you can read if you want more knowledge on how it contributes) . Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (5) Leaky gut (5) Type 2 diabetes (6) Cancer (7) Inflammatory diseases (8) Heart disease (9) Obesity (10) High blood pressure (11) Increased cholesterol (12)

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Karalynne doesn’t just share all the best wellness swaps out there, she tells you WHY you should swap products out for other, healthier alternatives. She knows her ingredients and walks you through each one and the side-effects it can be known to cause. Her instagram and blog are a great tool for understanding which products are harmful and which are better options.


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This simple, yet elegant dinner, is giving me all the feels!!! It’s no secret that grass-fed lamb is⁠ arguably my favorite protein of choice. To me, it’s flavor is just fantastic and I love pairing it⁠ alongside simple, fresh ingredients for an easy weeknight meal. The lamb from @atkinsranch is⁠ one of my favorites, as it’s 100% grass-fed and finished and humanely pastured raised in New⁠ Zealand. #ad I think so many of you are intimidated to cook with lamb but it’s as easy to cook as⁠ beef. You can watch my stories to really see how simple it is to cook grass-fed lamb chops!⁠ .⁠ How I cooked my @atkinsranch grass-fed lamb chops:⁠ I marinate my lamb chops at room temperature by coating them with extra virgin olive oil, kosher⁠ salt, freshly cracked black pepper, with a little ground cumin and dried oregano. Preheat a grill⁠ or large skillet to medium high heat and simply cook on both sides for 2-3 minutes per side.⁠ .⁠ I served these delicious grass-fed lamb chops with a simple cucumber salad (sliced cucumbers,⁠ red onions, diced tomatoes, extra virgin olive oil, red wine vinegar, dried oregano, salt, and⁠ pepper) and some grilled balsamic mushrooms (I just cut some baby Bella mushrooms in half⁠ and let them soak in extra virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper for a few hours.⁠ ⁠ Threw them on a pre-soaked skewer and grilled for 3-4 minutes a side). I also topped my lamb⁠ with some leftover mint chimichurri (recipe is on my blog), but the flavor of the lamb so good you⁠ really don’t need it! @beefandlambnz⁠ .⁠ To buy grass-fed lamb, tap the link in my bio or check your local @wholefoods!⁠ . #sponsored #tastepurenature #grassfedlamb #makesmewhole #whole30 #whole30recipes

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Alex is the queen of curating amazing and healthy gourmet recipes that you can actually make! She has an easy-to-follow way of presenting the recipes she makes and gives you plenty of variations to make each one Whole 30 approved, Paleo or simply gluten free/dairy free. Plus, she’s the cutest wife and mom and her stories are sure to make you smile!


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in the past 5 days, I’ve hiked nearly 50 miles and enjoyed being unplugged from the matrix. I intentionally walked by myself for three of the 5 days, spend hours deep in curiosity around how being with myself and my thoughts would change the intense hiking experience. I prayed to my God and my ancestors. I spoke to my Highest Self and heard Her speak to me. I motivated myself, encouraged myself, and found myself in a continual state of gratitude for what my body could do. I lovingly focused on elevating my thoughts anytime I noticed old patterns that no longer served me. hiking is a new mirror for me, providing perspective of how I show up in life. how I endure, how I approach long journeys, and how I show up for them. I’m deeply proud of myself. I’ve pushed myself beyond my limit, physically and mentally. I’ve remembered the beauty found after chaos and destruction — spending many of these hikes amidst the Santa Monica mountains where fires roared and decimated 96,000 acres of land (about 83% of federal park land in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area) last year. I’ve embraced the sacred space found in intentional quiet amidst nature. when @theranchmalibu invited me to experience their award-winning, luxury fitness and wellness retreat, I have to be honest: I had a lot going on. so, I didn’t read the details. I said yes because the general vibe felt right. I realize now that what I said yes to was not just 5 days of intensity geared to recalibrate the mind and body. but it was saying yes to one of the most timely experiences of my life so far. I have a newfound understanding of endurance. and I’m ready for the next challenge. #TheRanch4Day

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Lauren is the founder of @blackgirlinom, a holistic wellness space for marginalized communities. She’s beautiful inside and out and touches on everything from mental health to fitness to wellness practices. She’s changing the face of this industry and we couldn’t love her more for it! Plus, she’s a total #girlboss.



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Anyone feel like healthy food is inaccessible? Or overwhelming? Like you see all these people on social media buying specialty flours, sugars, oils, and supplements. 🤯 I remember looking at a certain meal plan years ago and thinking, “Dang. I’ve never even heard of half these things and I need 1/4 cup of almond meal so I have to buy a whole bag that I won’t use for another two months and by then it’ll go bad!” 🙈 . . . Unnecessary. And maybe an unpopular opinion. But… unless you NEED (like have a legit reason that requires you to make a certain choice) specific specialty ingredients, you don’t NEED specific specialty ingredients. Someone recently messaged me asking me if a certain grain-free chip that I love is “healthier” than a corn chip. 🔥 My response? Not necessarily nutritionally healthier but the ingredients are great (especially for those who avoid grains) and the texture and flavor are AWESOME. . . . It’s easy to hop on social media and see all of these cool new products that people are eating and think you need them too. The adaptogens. Bulletproof coffee. Collagen (guilty but ACL tear is my good reason plus I just like it lol). Overwhelmed by the abundance of advice and options out there? Remember to keep it simple (💁🏻‍♀️). Eat more plants and less food made in a plant. 🌱 Shop the perimeter of the grocery store where you’ll find less processed food. Go with a list of what you need and omit specialty stuff that is pricey and has a reasonable substitute (Happy to help answer questions about this!). And ignore people who say you NEED something because they’re probably trying to sell you something. 😬 . . . 📸 @danrollingphotography 🛒 @newpioneercoop . . . . . . #kpingitsimple

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Kelly is a nurse and a health enthusiast. If you’re looking for quick and easy inspiration for healthy snacks and meals, Kelly is your girl! Her feed has us extra hungry!


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In major need of a grocery store run, so I took whatever was left in the pantry and fridge and whipped up a super yummy orzo pasta!!! No food wasted in my house 🙌🏻 . Here’s how to make the orzo pasta: Cook orzo according to package. boil about a cup of frozen peas and carrots. When both are done cooking, drain. In a skillet, heat 1 tbsp of butter or ghee. Once melted, add desired amount of cooked orzo & peas and carrots. Add about six chopped kalamata olives. Season with rosemary, salt, and pepper. Squeeze juice of 1/2 lemon and add a little shredded cheese (optional.) stir to combine! Would be great to add some shredded chicken for protein, but I didn’t have any on hand. Easy meal for the whole fam!!! #minimada

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So, above, we mentioned Alex of The Defined Dish – did you know she has a little sister? And Mada Leigh Lavey dishes out all kinds of inspiration for moms who want to be health and wellness conscious! From food to supplements, she’s got your little one covered – and she’s recently announced that she’s expecting again, so she’ll surely share all the great things she’s learned about implementing wellness practices into pregnancy!


We couldn’t post about our favorite wellness influencers without sharing our fearless leader and founder of The H is For…, Chandler Hatchett! Chandler shares her daily workouts on her instagram stories as well as tips and tricks for implementing wellness practices into every day life. She also keeps it real and talks about everything from anxiety to self-love to faith and Biblical encouragement!


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