7 Random Acts of Kindness To Do (More than Once)

7 Random Acts of Kindness To Do (More than Once)

In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re helping you spread the love in little ways that also fill your heart with love. Going out of your way to complete a random act of kindness can leave you feeling good, and those around you feeling even better. While you don’t have to pay for the person’s groceries ahead of you every time you shop, there are a few things you can do every day that will have strangers, friends, and family feeling appreciated, acknowledged, and cared for.

  1. Tip! No matter where you go.

Whether you’re just getting a cup of coffee or a full-blown meal, tipping those who provide it to you is one of the easiest acts of kindness you can do. While standing in line for your latte may not be much work for you, you can’t say the same for your barista. Show how much you appreciate those working around you and always tip. Even if it’s just the change from your drink, it can make a world of difference for someone else.

  1. Let someone cut in front of you during rush hour

The frustrations of stop-and-go traffic can often bring out the worst in us. When we’re in a hurry with somewhere we need to go, we tend to make choices that solely benefit us. Next time you drive, make a conscious effort to let drivers merge lanes and get in front of you. If you’re not on a tight schedule, make someone’s day, and let them get where they’re going just a little bit faster. 

  1. Hold the door open for others behind you

 It seems simple but having someone hold the door open for you can completely make your day. Sometimes, all you need is acknowledgment, and going out of your way to make sure a stranger is comfortable can say a lot about your character. Holding a door, combined with a genuine smile, can give someone the kindness they need to keep their day going. And who knows! Maybe they’ll start smiling, too.

  1. Let someone else have that prime parking spot

As long as you’re not in need of a short walk, let someone else have that parking spot upfront. Enjoy the longer walk and cherish your mobility, while simultaneously allowing someone else to have a bit of an easier time. This is a simple but generous act that you can do practically every time you drive.

  1. Give someone a warm compliment — and mean it 

Whether it’s your coworker, your waitress, or the mailman, giving someone a compliment may impact them more than you think. For some, genuine kindness may be hard to find. A sincere compliment is the best way to show strangers that this does still exist. The next time you find yourself admiring something about someone else, tell them! As long as you’re not crossing any boundaries, a harmless compliment can give someone something to smile about all day long.

  1. If you see trash, pick it up and toss it

Anytime you come across a piece of trash that’s not where it belongs, take care of it! It’s an almost effortless task that can do a world of wonder for the nature and animals around us. A cleaner community is a healthier community for everybody, and being conscious about picking up the area around you is an act of kindness for all.

  1. Wear a smile

A smile goes a long way. Try to make an effort to give a friendly smile to every person you make eye contact with, in reason. Young or old, giving someone a “hello” through a grin can be contagious! Studies have shown that those who have been smiled at then feel more inclined to smile throughout the day.

So, Pass it on!

With any of these, your random acts of kindness can start a chain reaction of positivity, impacting more than you probably think. No matter how easy these acts may be for you, it can completely turn around someone else’s day. So, pass it on!

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