72 Hours in Oklahoma // Norman, OK

72 Hours in Oklahoma // Norman, OK

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For Memorial Day weekend, F and I decided to get away. We wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before that was quick and easy to get to for a long weekend. A few weeks beforehand, I got to meet some lovely ladies from Oklahoma and I was telling them about our getaway search and they convinced me to give Oklahoma a visit! They helped us curate a trip to visit 3 cities in OK (Norman, Stillwater and Oklahoma City) and off we went!

Now, let me preface this by admitting my ignorance and judgmental tendencies… at first I was like “Wait… they have stuff to so in Oklahoma?” I also wondered how much fun it would be. I have to tell you that Oklahoma proved that all of my assumptions were wrong. We. Had. THE. Best. Time. Let me tell you all about it…

Norman, Oklahoma

We left Dallas on the Thursday afternoon before Memorial Day. The flight left from Love Field and landed just 45 minutes later in Oklahoma City. We rented a car and made the 30 minute drive out to Norman, OK – Home of the OU Sooners. Prior to arriving in Norman, that was all I knew about the city. We checked into the most precious Bed and Breakfast called The Holmberg House. This beautiful turn-of-the-century home was originally built for the first dean of the school of music at OU, Dr. Holmberg, and it sits right at the entrance of campus (just blocks from Campus Corner, where all of the restaurants and shops are). Now, it’s owned by an amazing family and serves as the perfect place to rest your head if you’re in Norman!

We ate dinner at Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails that evening in Downtown Norman and, let me tell you, I was not expecting to find farm-to-table, made-from-scratch food and cocktails in Norman, OK… boy was I wrong. The food was incredible and the restaurant sat in the heart of precious downtown Norman. We loved seeing it at night so much that we decided to explore it the next  day too! I had a cocktail that came with blue shaved ice in the glass and was served with sparkling rose to pour on top… SO GOOD. We ate more than we should’ve and tried several of their cocktails. For us, it was the perfect date night to start off our weekend away!

Friday morning, we woke up early, enjoyed a yummy breakfast of homemade Migas at The Holmberg House and made our way to the Sam Noble Museum of Natural History. We spent the morning just the two of us exploring the museum and talking all about how our little B would’ve LOVED it there. We actually acted like kids, ourselves, goofing off and giggling with each other! They had a skeleton of Penteratops (it’s like a triceratops, but it has FIVE horns instead of 3!) and we learned some really cool facts about dinosaurs, like that most of them (including the T-Rex and Velociraptor) actually had WINGS! WHAT?

We spent the midday exploring OU campus and campus corner, where we had lunch. Then, We headed over to The National Weather Center where I had the BIGGEST geek-out session I’ve had in a while… I love weather. Like, I LOVE it. I think severe weather is the COOLEST. If I could go back to school, I’d study meteorology. Norman is home to the ONLY National Weather Center in the world! It’s where every single weather watch is issued for the United States, where international cargo boats are directed from daily [even in landlocked Oklahoma], and it’s also where all he important private weather companies [like The Weather Channel] hang out al day. We got to watch a severe weather watch issue happen right before our eyes [and it’s actually super calm and really not the big of a deal… haha]. A few nights later there was some serious severe weather just East of Oklahoma City and I asked F if we could go back to Norman, OK to watch it all unfold at The National Weather Center. It was AWESOME!

Watch my Instagram stories from our time in Norman:

My Thoughts on Norman Overall:

From Dallas, it is SUPER easy to get to. It’s really not far from Oklahoma City at all. If I were to recommend a fun, weekend getaway for my friends, I would not hesitate one bit to recommend a trip to OKC and Norman. The National Weather Center is amazing, Norman, OK is unique and fun, Scratch Kitchen & Cocktails was awesome and you could honestly Uber to Norman from Oklahoma City. If you’re going to want to spend the night, The Holmberg House was awesome and will give anyone the OU Sooner experience!

I was pleasantly surprised to see how awesome Norman, OK was… and not only Norman, but OU as a well [I can’t believe I’m saying this in writing since they’re a Big XII rival]! I thought the campus was beautiful, with some of the coolest restaurants and shopping right there at campus corner and the it has programs that are unique to OU [like their BOMB meteorology program] that made me want to apply to go to school there! I really liked Norman and would love to go back for a Baylor vs OU football game one day! [Actually, I’d love to go up there specifically to be a meteorologist for a day or a weekend or just in general… can we make that happen? I’m not kidding.]

I have to give a special shoutout to Stephanie at Visit Norman! She made the trip so special and unique for us and planned the whole thing. Thank you, Stephanie, for showing me your amazing city and all the things to do there! F and I loved it!

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