72 Hours in Oklahoma // Stillwater, OK

72 Hours in Oklahoma // Stillwater, OK

For Memorial Day weekend, F and I decided to get away. We wanted to go somewhere we hadn’t been before that was quick and easy to get to for a long weekend. A few weeks beforehand, I got to meet some lovely ladies from Oklahoma and I was telling them about our getaway search and they convinced me to give Oklahoma a visit! They helped us curate a trip to visit 3 cities in OK (Norman, Stillwater and Oklahoma City) and off we went!

Now, let me preface this by admitting my ignorance and judgmental tendencies… at first I was like “Wait… they have stuff to do in Oklahoma?” I also wondered how much fun it would be. I have to tell you that Oklahoma proved that all of my assumptions were wrong. We. Had. THE. Best. Time. Let me tell you all about it…

Stillwater, OK

After 3 days exploring OKC and Norman, we ended our trip with a day in Stillwater, OK. On Sunday morning, we woke up in Oklahoma City, grabbed a quick breakfast and hit the road for a 90 minute drive to Stillwater! Before this trip, all I knew was that Stillwater, OK was home to the Oklahoma State University Cowboys. Now I know that there’s so much more to the city.

We arrived in Stillwater just in time to check into our hotel, The Atherton Hotel, which was probably my favorite place we stayed at during our trip to Oklahoma. The Atherton sits right in the middle of the Oklahoma State University and is absolutely beautiful inside. The artwork and the furniture are so nice, the lobby bar is beautiful and apparently their breakfast is to die for [I’ll tell you why I can’t speak to that myself later…]. I know OSU has a great hospitality program and I can tell you why – those kids get great experience running a 4 Star Hotel right on campus. This place was amazing, y’all! What do you know, my fancy camera broke and all of the photos I took of the Atherton, I took on that. I loved the decor and the pops of orange. If you want to see our exact room, watch the video at the end of this post. In the meantime, enjoy the photos I found on their website!

We quickly hopped back in the car and drove out to Lost Creek Safari! This was the moment I started to really miss my little boy, as I know precious B would have loved every second there! This safari rescues animals of every kind from emus to kangaroos to spider monkeys to zebras to camels and more! You get to walk around and see the animals, touch them and even feed them! I felt like a kid again getting giddy over all the sweet animals there! The owners are extremely knowledgable and they really love every animal there. Several of them sleep inside their house with them at night!

After a few hours there, we were starving, so we decided to wash our hands and head to everyone’s favorite Stillwater, OK restaurant, Eskimo Joe’s. I don’t know what I had always envisioned Eskimo Joe’s to be like growing up [I think I thought it was a sno cone stand or ice cream shop], but this blew every expectation out of the water! It’s huge and has such yummy food! You had to pretty much roll us out of there!

From there, we decided to visit the Botanic Garden of OSU. I had several people recommend giving this a visit and I’m so glad we did! We got to tour the entire place with a master gardener and, once again, I was missing my sweet boy. I know he would’ve loved their children’s garden and the sensory garden – specifically designed for people who need to enjoy the gardens with different senses! It was a beautiful day with a nice breeze and I never wanted to leave, but we had more to do in Stillwater, OK!

We drove back into the heart of Stillwater to meet up at Iron Monk Brewery for another tour. Now, I can’t have beer because I’m gluten intolerant, but F was really able to get the whole experience. I loved learning about the process of beer making from the grains to the fermentation to the hops and more! It smelled SO good inside too! I loved the idea behind Iron Monk. Their “Stilly Wheat” is their number one seller and is causing them to have to get ready for some serious growth. I’m not a beer girl, but I’m definitely going to be looking out for Iron Monk and “Stilly Wheat” now because I have a feeling you’ll start seeing it places!

We worked up an appetite walking around, so we decided to try out a place called Mojo’s Rock N Bowl Grill for dinner. Memorial Day Weekend in Stillwater, OK means that most people were out on the lake, so we wanted to find something fun to do – and we sure did! Mojo’s Rock N Bowl Grill has a private bowling alley that you can rent lanes at while they serve you food and drinks. F and I have never – NEVER – gone on a bowling date, so this was a fun new way for us to experience a date together! Let me tell you one thing… We WILL be bowling together again soon! We had the BEST time! Our server was darling and the manager was so kind! He even sent us this monstrosity of yumminess in a mug just because he saw how much fun we were having together! We played 3 rounds of bowling before deciding to head back to the hotel for a good night’s rest!

The next morning, we were so excited to sleep in! Breakfast started at 9:30, so we got down there at 10, ready to go. Oh no… Breakfast ENDED at 9:30? Wait, what? We missed it! I was so bummed because I had been told that The Atherton has the best breakfast in Stillwater, OK.

So we decided to head over to the number one most recommended [by my amazing Okie followers] place in Stillwater – Aspen Coffee Company. HOLY COW, Y’ALL. Who knew the BEST cup of joe you can have is in Stillwater, OK?! Well, they do and it’s at Aspen Coffee. It was seriously so. dang. good. I can’t thank all of you who recommended it enough! After grabbing coffee, we hopped in the car and drove back to OKC to catch our [30 minute] flight home!

You can watch our Oklahoma adventures through my insta stories in this InstaVlog! The Stillwater, OK adventures begin at 7:24:

my thoughts on stillwater overall:

Stillwater, OK was a fun and unique place to visit. I definitely recommend it for families who want to do something different. I thought the Lost Creek Safari was so much fun and I wish B had been there to experience it with us! The Botanic Garden at OSU are beautiful and would make for the perfect place to have a picnic lunch with the family. Eskimo Joe’s is a must-visit and everyone needs a t-shirt from there! Iron Monk Brewery is a great stop, either for a tour or just to stop in for a tasting! We had a blast at Mojo’s Rock N Bowl Grill and we’re hoping to find something similar in Dallas for our next date night! If you plan to visit Stillwater, OK, you have to stay at The Atherton Hotel! It was so nice and clean and beautiful, PLUS it’s right in the heart of campus! Make sure you do not leave Stillwater without a cup of perfection from Aspen Coffee Co.

My only complaint is that I chose to visit Stillwater on the Sunday of Memorial Day Weekend. For one, everyone was out celebrating with their families, so we weren’t able to enjoy the fun shops and other things that would typically be open. The other thing is that I feel like Stillwater, OK is worth experiencing when school is in session. I would LOVE to see the students out and about on campus and really enjoy the city when it’s hustling and bustling! I guess that means that we’ll have to come back! Maybe for an OSU vs Baylor Football game?

Overall, we had SO MUCH FUN! To all my cowboys, I get why you loved going to school in Stillwater, OK! It’s a fun and friendly place to be!

I have to give a special shoutout to Kylie at Visit Stillwater! She made the trip so special and unique for us and planned the whole thing. Thank you, Kylie, for showing me your amazing city and all the things to do there! F and I loved it!

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    Posted at 12:15h, 30 June

    Thanks for mentioning the School of Hotel and Restaurant Administration’s degree program. We think we have the best students and they do get a wonderful experience at The Atherton Hotel!

  • Kristi Duncan
    Posted at 20:04h, 30 June

    Stilly is home away from home! You definitely need to go back during orange Friday and a Saturday football game
    Nothing beats it! And don’t forget to.visot granny’s for breakfast and the friendly downtown boutiques for unique Omaha treasures and some America’s greatest orange apparel! Great story!

  • Kendra Moreland
    Posted at 11:15h, 03 July

    So glad you loved Stillwater as much as we all do! I work for Stan Clark Companies who own both Eskimo Joe’s and MoJo’s… we certainly appreciate the positive feedback on these places and are so glad y’all included them in your visit! We absolutely hope you’ll be back to our community!

  • Kaitlyn Pierce
    Posted at 12:15h, 03 July

    If you do come to the Baylor OSU game it will be during homecoming and that is an amazing experience to see! This from a senior at OSU. Glad you enjoyed your trip to Oklahoma!

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