8 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

8 Weeks Pregnant – Pregnancy Week by Week

You’re 8 weeks pregnant! You only have one month left in your first trimester! YAY! If you haven’t had your first prenatal appointment yet, you’ll have it this week! Find out what to expect here. Your baby is now the size of a little tiny wild strawberry! So sweet!

8 Weeks Pregnant from the Doctor:

By the end of the eighth week, all major organs and body systems have begun to develop. Buds for limbs appear with paddle-like hands and feet. The eyes, ears, and nose begin to develop. Eyelids form, but remain closed. The genitals begin to develop. With this time period being so critical for healthy development, it is important that you are mindful of any and all foods, drinks, and medications you are exposed to in pregnancy. Over-the-counter medicines, including herbal medications and vitamin supplements, can cause problems during pregnancy. Check with your doctor before taking any over-the-counter drug, including pain relievers, laxatives, cold or allergy remedies, and skin treatments. Your ob-gyn can give you advice about medicines that are safe for pregnant women.

8 Weeks Pregnant from the Pregnant Lady:

Still feeling tired and still feeling queasy at times, but overall I am MUCH better than I was a few weeks ago. I’ve been so tired this week, though, that I haven’t made it to the gym and you know what? I DON’T CARE. I went to a spin class and STRUGGLED through it on Saturday and that’s it. It’s okay to take a break, you know. [I have to tell myself this on the daily].

I had B all to myself this weekend and that was definitely trying considering my energy level is super low and his energy level is at an all time high. A 2 hour trip to the children’s museum about took it out of me. Plus, it’s HOT outside. That just doesn’t help.

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What are you feeling?


So this is one of those things that has been similar to my last pregnancy. I had heartburn BADDDDD. Like, the type of heartburn that wakes you up at night or keeps you from sleeping. Mylanta is my buddy. I love him. He goes with me in my purse and on my bedside table. Last pregnancy, the heartburn was just that, bad burning every time I ate. This time, I really think it’s the indigestion that makes me feel nauseous instead of my hormones. Either way, I sleep sitting up, which helps and try not to eat the spicy foods… which I’m craving. Ugh. This pregnancy thing is WEIRD, y’all!

Crazy Boobs 2.0

Okay, this is DEFINITELY new this time around… I remember my boobs aching and hurting but the STABBING feeling I get every so often. Let me put it this way… When I was a Spanish major, I had a focus on Latin American Literature. One of the short stories I analyzed was about a man who worked with a machete in the Plantain fields in Central America. That little man lives inside my breasts and every now and then he feels the need to swing that machete all over.

Let me also say that you may be noticing a difference in the size of your boobs. They’re gargantuan. They’re YUGE. And your nipples? Have they gotten larger and/or darker? It’s a thing. Darkening nipples happens during pregnancy… cool fact, actually… babies only see in shades when they’re first born so God designs momma’s nipples to get big and dark so that when the baby is born, he can clearly tell where the nipple is so he can eat! WOMENS’ BODIES FOR THE WIN, Y’ALL!

But they hurt. And when my two year old wants to wrestle or climb on mommy, he uses them as a step stool. Not cool, B. My body is not my own. #motherhood.

All the Toots

Sorry. Can’t help it. Got a problem? Don’t care. It’s the strawberry’s fault. Pregnancy flatulence is a thing. Look it up.

Baby Bump… or Baby Pudge

So… I showed pretty early last pregnancy. I had a pudgy little bump at 12 weeks… not really a bump, but more of a “looks like she just ate a big Chipotle burrito” belly. For a first time pregnancy, this is pretty early. Here I am at 8 weeks pregnant and I’m legit having to switch over to some of my maternity pants because this baby bump… errr baby pudge… is definitely there. And there’s only a little strawberry in there! I don’t think I’m going to be able to make it another 4 weeks hiding this thing. I knew that in your second pregnancy you show a lot faster but holy cow, hello baby!

Your uterus has more than doubled in size at this point in the pregnancy. While you probably don’t have a bump, you will tell a difference because you know your body and it probably just doesn’t look QUITE the same. Maybe you’re like me and your uterus was all like “HECK YES! Let’s do this again!” and you’ve got yourself a little bump too. Maybe you did just eat a big Chipotle burrito… So what? You’re pregnant. You do you, girl!


Speaking of “don’t care” my ability to handle BS is at an all-time low. I don’t know if it’s because I’m tired of being sick and tired or if I’m just hormonal [probably both], but I have to say that I’m not easy to live with right about now. The last time I was pregnant the only person who had to put up with me was my husband, and he was cool with it because he was responsible for it… this time, he’s not the only victim. My poor baby B doesn’t understand why mommy doesn’t want to play outside in the Texas summer heat right now. I need to practice a bit more patience too because he doesn’t understand that mommy is “sick”… sweet thing.

How to Survive this week:

Even though I’m feeling so much better overall, I know that’s not necessarily the norm. Last pregnancy I was nauseous all day long until week 13. Then, I was like I am now [occasionally queasy and extremely tired] until week 19! So if you’re still sick, you can do it, momma. I know you can! If you’re REALLY sick, talk to your doctor. They may be able to prescribe you something. In the meantime, I survived on ginger mints, life savers, french fries, Diet Coke and La Croix last time, so maybe those will help you survive a bit. I started taking a B6 supplement on top of my prenatal vitamin and I think it has played a role in my overall feeling betterment.

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Disclaimer: As with anything, your doctor, midwife or health practitioner should be the most-esteemed and final word when it comes to pregnancy symptoms, medications, prenatal vitamins and to-do’s. This series is meant to be informative and fun, but is in no way purposed to replace the information that your doctor can provide. Always check with your doctor first.

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