A Personal Trainer Shares Her Must-Have Christmas Gifts for any Fitness Enthusiast

A Personal Trainer Shares Her Must-Have Christmas Gifts for any Fitness Enthusiast

Brittany Malone spends almost all of her time in the gym. As a personal trainer, she has a first-hand look into a world where, if you’re more of a casual fitness enthusiast, things seem odd, unknown and sometimes utterly strange. If you are buying a gift for someone who works in fitness, works out every day, is into body building or is a totally CrossFit obsessed, this gift guide is for you. Here, Brittany shares some ideas for you so that your gift will not only be met with enthusiasm, it’ll also be used consistently!

The ultimate gift guide for the fitness fanatic in your life!

  • Lolo Bags: I have the cosmetic bag in two different sizes and and love them! There are so many color and size options, the hardest part is choosing which one. They are very durable, waterproof, and easy to clean, perfect for tossing in a gym bag or any type of travel.
  • Clothes:
    • Favorite leggings: Align from Lululemon
    • Best sports bra for running: Brooks
    • Best comfy / low impact sports bra: Under Armour
    • Shoes: Need to be chosen based on your foot type! You could need a neutral cushioned shoe or structured shoe. A specialty running store will be able to tell you which category you fall into.
  • New gym bag
  • Headphones – some are sweat proof!
  • Weight Lifting Gloves: Sick of callouses or your grip slipping? Nike, Under Armour, and Harbinger are great brands to start with. You’ll be able to find gloves with leather, padding, perforations…so many options to find the best fit! *Great idea for Crossfitters*
  • Body scrub: After a hard workout nothing feels better than an impromptu spa day at home! This is a great one. Did you know you can get a scrub for your lips? If your lips crack or become really dry in the winter weather this lip set moisturizes and gently removes dead skin from you lips.
  • Small gift: Make your own gym bag emergency case by filling a cosmetics bag with: hair ties, tweezers, chapstick, perfume, deodorant, dry shampoo… etc (Bonus points if it’s in a lolobag!)
  • Gift card to their favorite studio
  • Vibrating foam roller: This is definitely a splurge item, but after one try, you’ll never go back to a regular foam roller!
  • Compression garments: If your legs ever feel achy or heavy after a workout or even being on your feet for too long, try compression garments to help alleviate the tension and reduce swelling. Pro Compression has every type of sock and color you could possibly think of. CW-X is your stop if you want compression tops, pants, arm sleeves, etc that also supports your joints. This a great option if you know someone who is an athlete or competes in endurance events.


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