Accomplishing my New Year’s Resolution with The NEAT Method

Accomplishing my New Year’s Resolution with The NEAT Method

This year, my big word for 2018, my resolution, has been LESS. I’m focusing on incorporating the idea of LESS to make room for MORE… for example, I want less things, but I want the things that I do have to have MORE purpose. I want LESS negativity, MORE positivity. LESS activity, MORE room for rest and recovery. LESS anxiety, more FAITH. LESS clutter, MORE purposeful organization… See where I’m going with this?

The whole concept of having LESS and purging the unnecessarily or obsolete from my life could not have come at a better time than January 2018 – Baby girl was due to arrive in March, so I was needing to create more space in our tiny home, plus the whole concept of the MORE side of my yearly goal was to be more purposeful with my items, energy and time. Nothing is more important to me than being purposeful as a parent! So, taking these steps at this time in my life was huge for me. Over the first month, I’d gotten better every day at being mindful about having LESS in terms of filling my calendar, but I had to be honest with myself… the organizational, tossing out clutter part of this resolution is NOT something that comes naturally to me… and that’s OKAY.

I found myself looking at an organization project – a closet here… the garage or storage area there… – and being so overwhelmed with the idea of simply starting, that I’d give up before beginning! A friend told me about the NEAT Method – a service that comes into your home and helps you in creating an organizational process and supplying you with the tools you need to keep it going! I’m the PERFECT person for this, because once there’s a system in place, I can stick to it. My mind just isn’t organizationally inclined, so creating a system is such an undertaking, I don’t even attempt it! With my 2018 word in mind, I reached out to Valerie and she and I came up with a plan to tackle my home’s organization over the course of a year. Here’s what The NEAT Method is going to help me handle:

Our tiny master closets
Our shared, overflow master closet
Our tools/electronic/pet supplies closet
Our decorations/gifts closet
Our son’s closet
Our laundry space – also a closet
Our garage

Let me preface that we bought our home in 2011 and moved in the week after we returned home from our honeymoon. We threw everything we had into the closet storage spaces, thinking that we’d eventually tackle them… we’ve ended up with several tiny closets overflowing with items that we just move to the garage whenever we need to utilize the space [when baby B was born and now with A on the way]. It’s created a huge mess. I did NOT do it the right way… learn from my mistakes.

What I love about the NEAT Method is that they’re so kind and do not judge you at all of your clutter or mess. They help you tackle these big projects, decide what you need to keep and toss and then then run to The Container Store and purchase all the necessary organizational items you might need for the space. They then organize it all for you and make sure that you understand the system before they leave! Seriously… this is a real thing, y’all!

I signed them up to come ASAP. We started with the decorations/gift closet [which was the most unorganized in the entire home] and my son’s closet. By the way… this would’ve taken me an entire weekend at the minimum… it took them one day. Here’s the before:

My son’s closet was organized chaos. When we moved him into his big boy room, I tried my best to organize his items, but I didn’t know how to best utilize the closet space for his particular things. Valerie came in and made it easy to access and find everything. She helped me organize the clothes that no longer fit him or are out of season and purchased items from The Container Store to help my best utilize the space for storage! She even organized the books on his bookshelf according to color and helped me get a grip on all of the toys he has! I was shocked by what The NEAT Method was able to do!

Here’s his closet [and room] after The NEAT Method was done:

The decorations/gifts closet was a total nightmare disaster that I never had the nerve to tackle, so I just kept the door shut as much as possible. Here’s the before:

There was plenty to toss out, plenty to keep and organize and even plenty more to donate in there. PLUS, all my jewelry and my jewelry box were in that closet and I could barely access them because of all the junk! The NEAT Method attacked this closet efficiently and effectively. They created a system for all of my gift wrapping, party decor and seasonal decor [organized by the holiday] and they threw away all the trash and donated all the stuff to give away for me! I was SHOCKED when I saw the finish product. Best part? They organized all my jewelry inside my jewelry box for me when I mentioned it to them. I sat there in awe as I watched them so quickly and meticulously work to get me organized!

Here’s the closet after The NEAT Method was done:

Can you believe these spaces? I cannot wait until they come back to help me with the next few passes of the home! By the end of the year, I should be all set to truly live out my goal of LESS for MORE! The NEAT Method took me by surprise and has created in me a good sense of calm that comes with organization. It’s like therapy! They’ll come to your house, too! Check out their website here and let them know I sent you!

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