All-Natural Kitchen Cleaner // Natural Spring Cleaning 101

All-Natural Kitchen Cleaner // Natural Spring Cleaning 101

Cleaning your home the natural way is actually much easier than you think, plus it can smell great, too! I’m all about keeping a clean house without all the harmful chemicals that come with modern-day cleaning solutions. Nesting towards the end of pregnancy is VERY real, and with a new baby in the house, I don’t want any toxins or potential allergens that could make my sweet little love bug react to negatively. Now that springtime is here, I’m going to share my favorite nesting recipes for all-natural cleaning solutions that may help you make the most of your spring cleaning naturally.

Let’s start with the kitchen…

This is a recipe for an all-natural kitchen cleaner solution. The essential oils used in this recipe are disinfecting AND great smells for springtime! Blend the recipes together and place them in a spray bottle and use this just like you would any generic cleaner, then you can feel great about cleaning without harsh chemicals and toxic cleaners! The smell of the vinegar will go away and the essential oils will smell great for a long time!

all-natural kitchen countertop cleaner:

• 3 drops Lavender EO
• 4 drops Basil EO
• 4 drops Rosemary EO
• 4 drops Oregano EO
• 3 drops Thyme EO
• 2 drops Peppermint EO
• 15 drops Lemon EO
• 6 tbs vinegar
• 1 c water

Mix ingredients together into a spray bottle. Shake well before each cleaning, as separation is normal.

That’s it! It’s easy-breezey, lemon-essential-oil squeezey! Using this DIY all-natural kitchen cleaner is actually as easy as it looks… just spray and wipe! That’s it! It’s disinfecting, safe on surfaces, safe for your family without all the chemicals and it smells great!

Happy spring cleaning!

Do you have a natural cleaning tip or recipe you like to use? Share it below in the comments!

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