An Athlete’s Best Friend // The MyoBuddy Pro

An Athlete’s Best Friend // The MyoBuddy Pro

The MyoBuddyPro // My Post-Crossfit New Obsession // www.

I started Crossfit about 4 years ago and noticed a total transformation of my body, mind and spirit. I’m stronger, I’m more courageous, I’m more agile, I’m more confident, I’m more health-minded and I’m a member of a pretty cool community. In almost every aspect, becoming active has made me better. However, I’m going to be honest that Crossfit has made me worse off in one aspect… my flexibility. It’s not Crossfit’s fault… it’s mine. I don’t take the time to work on stretching my muscles enough before or after a workout. Stretching? It’s ok. Foam rolling? I HATE IT. I can’t tell you how much I hate that little foam roller! No way it’s going near my muscles!

When I was in LA for the IDEAWorld Conference, I stopped by a booth where they were using a little tool to give free massages. I was curious about this little found thing and what the benefits were for using it. It turns out, this little tool is so beneficial for the recovery of post-workout muscles, it replaces the need for foam rolling altogether! Wait, this little tiny machine can help with my mobility, circulation and workout recovery all while giving me an amazing, deep tissue massage? And I don’t have to foam roll?? Yeah… I’ll take one! That was the moment I fell in love with the MyoBuddy Pro.

The MyoBuddyPro // My Post-Crossfit New Obsession // www.

But post-workout recovery is not all it’s for. This tool is great for treating sore spots cause by everything from a workout, a run, an injury and even from lack of movement! [You know… that sore feeling you get from sitting at a desk all day!] The MyoBuddy Pro is something you can use at home to treat a variety of issues! The tool promotes wellness in so many ways! The vibrations and movements help with circulation, the treatment of scar tissue and promote relaxation! The machine comes with different speeds that are designed to penetrate deep into the muscles while warming them to allow for a full-body, deep tissue massage in minutes!

The MyoBuddy Pro design is great, too! You can rub the entire circle over your muscles and on the extra tight spots [like around your shoulder blades] you can turn it on its side and dig deeper that way! It’s small and has a handle, so I can use it to massage my own sore muscles, or I can hand it over to my husband and he can give me a massage with it! [It comes with a cover that you’re supposed to use with bare skin and lotion! Praise the LORD!] Although… I’ll probably be massaging his muscles more with this… as the more intense athlete between the two of us, he is obsessed with it and uses it more than I do!

Yeah… He’s definitely winning in the MyoBuddy massage recipient competition!

He has a sore spot on his chest and shoulder that he’s been trying to open up for months now. He says that after 2 thirty second massages in that area, his shoulder has opened up a TON! Yay!

The MyoBuddyPro // My Post-Crossfit New Obsession // www.

If you have chronic muscle soreness, acute pain, lactic acid buildup from a workout, tired and sore muscles from stress or sitting too long at a desk, circulation issues or scar tissue, this tool is right for you! I’m so glad I came across the MyoBuddy Massager Pro at the IDEAWorld conference! It was revolutionized my recovery and mobility! I’m thinking I need a massage right now!

*My MyoBuddy Massager Pro was sent to me by the folks at MyoBuddy Pro as a gift. I am only recommending it because I believe in its benefits and I truly do use it [and love it] myself. I do not ever post about anything on this platform that I do not stand behind.

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