Travel Guide // Beaver Creek, CO

Travel Guide // Beaver Creek, CO

To me, there’s no place in the world that invokes the same emotions in me as Beaver Creek, CO. This place is so special to me and my family. It’s a place I’ve grown up visiting. I worked my first job there as a server at Blue Moose Pizza. I made amazing friendships there with other kids like me who came out in the summers and winters. Most importantly, I’ve made memories there with the people who mean the most to me. Our home in Beaver Creek has served as a place for me to find rest, a chance to reenergize, and a location where I feel closest to God. I truly feel like it’s my second home. I’ve actually had a lot of readers reach out to me asking for recommendations for things to do in Beaver Creek and Vail. So I’ve put all of my recommendations for Beaver Creek, CO in one place on the blog! With that said, here’s my Beaver Creek travel guide!

*Just FYI // Beaver Creek Mountain sits at 8,080′ above sea level. Before you go, make sure you have a game plan in place to help your body acclimate to the high altitude, as altitude sickness can sometimes be a beast to slay. I wrote a post about how we help our bodies acclimate. You can read it here.

*Another FYI // When it comes to my travel guides, I try to keep it as simple and concise as I can. I want this guide to be doable and not overwhelming, as if you were to ask me in person “what do you recommend?” and I were to pick my top few recommendations.

Places to Stay

The Park Hyatt Beaver Creek

The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch

Rent a House / AirBnb

Food to Eat

Blue Moose Pizza

I like the Autumn Pizza, my sisters like the Summer Pizza. You can’t go wrong with any of them. This is also where I worked my first job, so of course they’re on my Beaver Creek Travel Guide!


Good, quality and fresh fish and sushi in Colorado. Who Knew? Get the sweet potato fries, the ecstasy roll or any of their sandwiches!

Grouse Mountain Grill

This is where you need to set up a nice, upscale, family dinner or a fancy date night. Food’s amazing. Be prepared to be there FOREVER, though. Service is slow. You don’t mind it, particularly, because of the beautiful views.

8100 at The Park Hyatt

Yummy yummy yummy food in the Park Hyatt. They have a great happy hour too. We love to hang out at the bar there in the evenings. You can sit inside or outside here and be perfectly happy! Here’s their site.

Beaver Creek Chophouse

This is your standard steakhouse. Make a reservation and enjoy a steak and a glass of wine looking up at the mountain!

Golden Eagle Inn

Get anything there made of Elk. Elk chili, Elk Gnocchi… Honestly, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu here.

Beano’s Cabin

This is one of my favorite Beaver Creek establishments. You won’t find this in the village, as it’s built way up in the mountain! Reservations are a must, as guests need to be driven up to Beano’s! In the summer, you’ll go up in a shuttle, but in the winter, you can only get there via snowcat. The food os amazing and the location is warm, cozy, and upscale! It’s a must-do!

Things to Do [With or Without the kiddos]

Beaver Creek was designed for families. It’s absolutely surreal to me that I am now bringing my child up to a place that I used to enjoy as a child, doing the same activities that I loved to do there. Beaver Creek is one of those places that is filled to the brim with things to do. Here’s what I recommend:

Step Outside

Beaver Creek is FULL of things to do, whether you’re up for a day in nature or prefer shopping. All you have to do is step outside. The Village is full of fun and unique shops where you can find everything from clothes to art to furniture. Want to go on a hike? There’s a simple trail that you can take to hike up to Beaver Lake. It essentially starts at the base of the mountain and ends up at the most beautiful lake at the top. It can be a 2 hour hike, but I recommend going for the full 4 hour hike to the very top! It’s totally doable and fun for the whole family.


Headed to ‘The Beave’ in the wintertime? Be prepared for some of my favorite ski slopes in the world. There are runs for every single level out there, from beginner to double black diamonds. Here’s a hint from a “local”… ski over to Bachelor’s Gulch and Arrowhead. The skiing there is amazing and way less crowded than Vail or the areas in Beaver Creek where their world-renowned ski school skiers are all over the runs.

Fly Fishing

While I’m not the best fly fisherwoman, it’s still a fun and unique experience that you can only get certain places! Gorsuch Outfitters in Edwards has awesome tours through Vail Valley Anglers and is only a 5 minute drive down the mountain!

Horseback Riding

This is actually something that, despite saying “We should do that next time!” every single trip, I’ve actually never done. I’m still recommending it because it’s cool to see all the horses up on the mountain! More information can be found here.

Adventure Ridge on Vail Mountain

Have children or just like a fun adventure that will make you feel like a kid again? Drive 30 minutes over to Vail and head to the top of the mountain to experience Adventure Ridge. While you’re up there, you can do a ropes course, zip lining, tubing down a huge slide and even ride a rollercoaster! It makes for an amazing afternoon [with or without children]! Just make sure you wear sunscreen and drink a lot of water while you’re up that high on the mountain!


Zip Adventures is just down the road from Beaver Creek in Wolcott and I can’t recommend them enough. I’ve zip lined all over the world and have had some amazing experiences and some… well, anticlimactic ones. This one in Wolcott is worth. every. penny. Seriously. The most family fun we’ve had together in a long time!

S’mores Making at The Hyatt

Head to the back patio of The Park Hyatt Hotel in the evenings for S’mores Happy Hour outside at the fire pit. This is a fun [and yummy] activity for the whole family!

Ice Skating

This is a Beaver Creek MUST DO! The ice skating rink is in the middle of the quaint village and has plenty of seating for parents to watch their kids slide around on the ice! Just walk on over, rent your skates and you’re ready to go! There’s also a hot chocolate and coffee bar, as well as an “Adult bar” out there too. It makes for a fun way to end a day in the mountains!

Things To Do [Without the Kiddos]

You can do any and all of the above listed items without children any day and have an amazing time. I just included this little section for people who want to get rid of their littles for a day and do something more “adult-friendly”.

Allegria Spa

Just trust me on this one. Go there. Get anything. ANY. TREATMENT. Here’s the link.


You can play golf. Here’s the link to the links. See what I did there? I like the golf cart ride because it’s so pretty and there are snacks and cocktails involved.


There’s plenty of shopping in the Beaver Creek village. If you want a larger range of options, make the quick, 30 minute drive down to Vail Village!


The bar at 8100 is pretty nice and is a great place to grab a drink in a quieter environment. There’s a bar called the Coyote Cafe and The Dusty Boot is also a great place to grab a bite to eat and a drink. Beaver Creek is more family-oriented, so you’ll find that the evenings will be quieter, which I love. So, if you’re looking for a seriously crazy night out on the town, Vail Village may be a better fit for you. Just uber down to Vail and walk around and you’re sure to find a bar/club that fits your fancy. Me? I’ll be just fine and dandy enjoying my time in “The Beave!”

Other than that, I’ve love every concert I attended at The Beaver Creek Vilar Performing Arts Center. They always have a fun concert or show for you to enjoy!

Things To Do [Just for Kids]

Sorry, parents. This is just for the kids. You’re too old.

The Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School

The Beaver Creek Ski and Snowboard School is world-renowned. Seriously. It’s a big deal, people. It’s known as “The Ivy League of Ski Schools” haha! The instructors are top notch and they provide a fun day full of dynamic lessons and skiing for all levels! Here’s the website.

Parents, they have private lessons available to adults, too. Check it out.

Beaver Creek Kids Camps

Headed up to Beaver Creek in the summer and hoping to find an activity for your little to enjoy? Check out the Beaver Creek Kids Day Camps that they have available! I attended them as a child and loved every minute!

Beaver Creek’s Small World Children’s Center

Have a little that’s just too young for a kid’s camp? Beaver Creek has plenty of fun for them too! I send B to the Small World Children’s Center – Nursery and Daycare and he LOVES it! The people there are trained wonderfully and they are so sweet and fun with the babes there! They’ll take infants all the way up to 6 year olds? Plan this in advance because the entire place fills up FAST. Trust me. Make your reservation, even if it’s just long enough for you to take a nap and a bubblebath toddler-free!


That it’s this is my Beaver Creek Travel Guide! Let me know if you head up there and enjoy any of my recommendations! Have you been to Beaver Creek and have a recommendation that I missed? Tell me in the comments!


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      Girl, you and Lance would love LOVE it! If you ever go, let us know when and we’ll fly out and meet you there!

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