Boyswear for Baby and Menswear for Mommy

Boyswear for Baby and Menswear for Mommy

Well, I did it. I survived birthday party number 2! I feel like I’m just now getting my energy back after this weekend, but boy am I a happy momma! Last week, I lamented to you all about how nervous I was about the weather. I threw B’s party outside this year and I was terrified of a rain storm or cold front blowing in and ruining all the fun. Luckily for us, the weather was a beautiful 70 degrees and sunny! It was a bit windy, but it was the perfect weather for a Saturday outside! Guess what, though, about an hour and a half after our last guests left our home, a huge storm rolled in, complete with hail and high winds! God was really watching out for us!

Since Saturday, it’s been in the 70’s… until this morning, Today, we’re back in the 40’s and low 50’s and it feels like winter again, which I’m all about! I love winter weather! However, this weekend, a little Springtime action worked out just right for me. Sometimes, an oxymoron is what you need, like 70 degrees and sunny in January… or like menswear for mommy! [See what I did there?] At first, you don’t necessarily know how a juxtaposition like this will work, but then it does! The menswear for women trend [or as I like to call it Menswear for Mommy] is crazy! It took me aback at first, but I am a huge fan of it!

I don’t know what it is about this look that just makes me feel like I’m chic and powerful. It’s like I’m still girly and feminine, but I’m going to get ISH done! [Side Note: I need to stop cussing. My two year old is now a parrot and has most-definitely taken notice to one particular word that mommy is allowed to say but he isn’t… please pray for us! Haha!]

I got this entire look, of course, at Tootsie’s, my favorite boutique in Dallas. While I was in there, Dustin and Melissa told me that the trick to putting together a fabulous menswear for mommy getup is to add feminine flares to it, like the gorgeous lace blouse that pops out beneath the sport coat and the super-tight skinny jeans beneath the heavier-fitting jacket. Add a pair of OTK boots with a heel and you have a womanly power look that you can conquer the world in!

Hat // Rag & Bone | Lace Top // Rebecca Taylor | Skinny Jeans // 7 For All Mankind
OTK Boots // Steve Madden | Jacket // Rag & Bone

Now let’s get to the real reason you clicked on this post… I know I’m alright and all, but you really just wanted to see this scrumptious little nugget of mine… He’s pretty perfect, I agree [I AM his mother, after all]! His Prince George getup is [head-to-toe] from my favorite Children’s Boutique in Dallas, Hip! Hip! Hooray!

Isn’t this whole outfit on him DARLING?! I just love putting my boy in classic looks like this! From head to toe, he looks so precious, thanks to Hip! Hip! Hooray! I love the collar, the smocking, the knee-high socks, the shorts and the saddle oxfords [in hind site, though, I’d put him in the navy ones we have] that make up this adorable look! He looks like he’s ready to head out the door to church, a party or a date with a cute girl [Hey, Emory, Claire and Josie! Thanks for coming to his birthday party, but I’m his date for now!]

Looking for boyswear for baby and menswear for mommy? Head over to Hip! Hip! Hooray! for your little one and then stop by Tootsie’s and get something for yourself! You deserve it!

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