Butterfly Brunch // Throw a Party

Butterfly Brunch // Throw a Party

Happy Monday! I’m so excited today because I get to share with you this fun and beautiful Butterfly Brunch! This brunch is something I’m so proud of because it represents something incredible that God does in all of our lives! Butterflies are fun, they’re free, and they’re beautiful. It’s impossible not to feel happier or to smile when you see one. They come by surprise and make your day better – they’re among the most beautiful things in creation, yet they’re so small. It’s amazing how something so small can make such a beautiful impact on your day when you see it.

A few months ago, my sister was traveling down a road she never expected to navigate, after experiencing a divorce that she did not want or ask for. She was absolutely devastated, but in the midst of the low, she could see how God had been so good to her, even through something so painful! My sister has always loved butterflies since she was a little girl, so during the lowest points of her journey the past few months, we’d say “look for the butterflies” – those tiny moments of beauty in the hard – they come and go quickly, but once you’ve seen them, you can’t forget them. While that was encouragement I was giving my sister, it became my mantra – to look for the butterflies that the LORD sent me in my day to day. It’s amazing, too – once we all started looking for them, the butterflies were everywhere! They were little kisses from God reminding us that He’s got us all in His hands and that, if He can make something so beautiful from a caterpillar, He’s certainly doing something amazing with the things in our life that we deem as ashes.

On what would’ve been a painful day for my sister, her wedding anniversary, her incredible friends gathered together to celebrate all those butterflies – God’s goodness, redemption, glory, kindness, strength and more that we had seen in her journey and through her unwavering faith. It was an honor to throw this brunch for my precious sister and to celebrate all the good that God has done – and will do – in her life. She’s beautiful and gracious and so kind! I can’t thank God enough for her and for this specific part of her story – one day it’ll all make sense!

So, back to the party… here’s what I did to make the Butterfly Brunch special for my sister, see if you can find the butterfly that God sent us that day in the story:

When my sisters and I decided to throw this party for our sweet middle sis, we knew we wanted to make it special. We picked a great brunch place and sent little “invitations” I designed online out to her best friends via text message. Then, I got to work thinking of ways to make the table fun. I love finding little things to toss onto a table at a restaurant that can make a simple dinner or lunch out feel special. The first thing I did was call Raquel at R Love Floral and asked her to make a beautiful arrangement for a Butterfly Brunch in the fall. She’s absolutely incredible and I knew she’d make something beautiful for us. Then, I went to Amazon and started searching. I found these peach-colored napkins and decided that they would be the base color I’d go off of. I also picked up these butterflies to clip onto the flowers to make it feel like we were in a garden chalk-full of them! Of course, Raquel over-performed and actually added butterflies to the arrangement on her own because she’s just wonderful like that, so I sprinkled them up and down the table for more pops of color!

For a fun accent, I went with rose gold – the perfect metallic for fall! I found these rose gold paper napkin rings and these awesome placemats to go under each setting! I love paper straws… they’re the easiest way to make a table festive… so I grabbed these metallic rose gold straws!

We made reservations at a fun restaurant in Dallas that is extremely popular for brunch. The restaurant sits on the side of a gorgeous garden/courtyard in the heart of uptown. We confirmed the reservation for our party, and when I got there early to set up, they had forgotten about our reservation! Y’all… EVERY table was full – there was NO WAY they’d fit all 12 of us. In a last-ditch effort to try and get us in (I was rather unhappy as you can imagine), they pulled out a table from the storage room, threw a tablecloth over it and placed it outside in the beautiful courtyard. For seating, they had exactly enough ghost chairs (my favorite) to seat us all around the table in the garden! We originally had intended to be put at a table inside, probably toward the back, and instead we sat outside in a beautiful courtyard, as if we had set up a private event! (If that’s not a butterfly, I don’t know what is!)

We asked each girl to write a letter to my sister for her to read on a day she’s feeling down, so at every place setting, I had an envelope waiting. I bought these butterfly stickers to place on the envelopes just to make them more festive. My sister ordered a gorgeous box for the letters to go in, so that our middle sis could keep them in a special place for when she needed them!


This butterfly brunch was so special – the perfect way to celebrate my sister and all the great things the LORD has done, despite the heartache she’s endured. Know someone walking through a hard time? Maybe a little butterfly brunch is in order – His mercies are new every morning and His blessings are everywhere… they just may be small and require that we go looking for them like a child with a butterfly net. Keep looking for those butterflies, y’all, and don’t lose heart!

“I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world.” – John 16:33


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  • Traci Luster
    Posted at 20:50h, 08 January

    Such a wonderful idea!

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