Combatting Fear Using Faith

Combatting Fear Using Faith

Whether worried about the future or uncertain about a current life path, the world seems to be plagued with more fear than we realize. A lot of times, our fears hinder our progress and prevent us from moving in directions that we should, leaving us constantly wondering, “What if?” In fact, fear can leave us with a lot of questions and a lot of anxiety. But, instead of questioning ourselves about things that may be out of our control, we should be wondering what changes we can do to help improve our daily lives. What would happen if we let our faith drive us? Simply, what would life look like without fear?

While that might seem impossible, combatting our fears using faith is more doable than you’d think. Having something to believe in can help motivate us to fight our fears in ways you’ve never thought possible.

What is “Faith?”

While faith isn’t necessarily tangible, the positive effects of simply believing in something bigger than yourself can often be tangible. When we have our complete trust in something or someone, especially in something spiritual, this faith can often feel reciprocated. This reciprocation can feel like added support, giving us the motivation to push through whatever obstacles may be thrown our way.

Defining “fear” is just as difficult, as it’s quite subjective, too. Fear can be anything from being afraid of the dark to trying something new, and all of these things have the potential to prevent us from moving forward. Many consider fear to be the exact opposite of faith, with faith being a driving force and fear being a blockade between us and our goals — though, this doesn’t have to be the case.

What Are You Afraid of?

Think about your fears. Think about the things that are currently holding you back, or preventing you from becoming a person you’re proud of. Now, think about how much easier they’d be with a helping hand.

Having faith is truly like having an extra hand in life. You’re able to be guided by something bigger than you, something that has as much faith in you as you have in it. When you have strong faith, fears become challenges: they’re simply the next obstacle you must face. But, at least you’re not doing it alone. Having faith helps to reassure that you’re truly never alone in this world, even if what drives you isn’t actually tangible.

Overcoming Your Fears

Nothing is more resilient than someone with strong faith. Fears, no matter what they are, stand no chance against a person who believes they can persevere and also be happy through their faith.

Having something to believe in can help us tackle them head-on. With faith, we have added support that the everyday person may not be blessed with. With faith, we are taken care of even in the darkest times. Most simply, faith helps to reassure us that, no matter what we endure, we are stronger than our fears.

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