Comfort Zone Christianity

Comfort Zone Christianity

Sometimes I think it’s easy to fall into rut when it comes to faith. Going to church, meeting a certain amount of time each week in the word, or even maintaining a dedicated time of prayer are all wonderful ways to grow your relationship with Christ. While these are all things that are important to ensure you’re living your life for Him, there’s a certain amount of routine that goes with them. Sometimes, the biggest growth in faith comes when you trust God and step out of your comfort zone.

  • What if you started that project?
  • What if you got that degree?
  • What if you made that long-distance move?
  • What if you really took the time to get to know your neighbor?
  • What if you volunteered to teach that class?
  • What if you took the first step to repair that broken relationship?
  • What if you acted on the things you hear God calling you to do?

It is so, so scary to deviate from our norm, but there are so many possibilities that we can’t even begin to predict, and it’s much easier to stay in the realm of familiarity instead of taking steps to achieve all of the amazing things God wants to help us work toward. I’m definitely guilty of this, and I’m actively trying to be better about acting on the things my creator asks of me.

Faith, by its very definition, is the act of having complete trust or confidence in something. Listening to God and allowing him to lead you into your purpose is what He has called you to do. If you know the true nature of God, you know He will never lead you astray.

Listen for His call. Have complete trust in what He asks, and do it. There is nothing in this life more beautiful than seeing where God leads us when we let Him.

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