Cut It Off

Cut It Off

“He cuts off every branch of mine that doesn’t produce fruit, and he prunes the branches that do bear fruit so they will produce even more.” – John 15:2

A few years ago, I noticed that my hair was looking dry, dull and, overall just unhealthy. My hair, which is usually long, strong and full of vibrance (it’s one of the things few things I have always, genuinely loved about the body God gave me) became a sign to me that I needed to make some changes. I went to a new hairdresser who made some changes to the way she colored my hair – the old way was over-processing it and, well, killing what once was strong and beautiful. She then told me that I needed to cut off all the broken, dead hair in order for it to grow. That day, I ended up cutting almost 8 inches of hair off… so that my hair would grow? Sounds backwards, right?

I absolutely HATED that my hair – my beautiful hair – was now cut short. BUT I knew that I was taking the steps necessary to it back to its full, vibrancy that it was created with. Here I am a year and a half later and I am so thankful I did what I needed to because it’s back! It took so9me serious humility for me to admit that I allowed my hair to get to that point – and then it took courage to ask someone to take scissors to it… but it was worth it in the long run!

When you own a garden, your ultimate goal is for the plants to bear fruit or bear gorgeous flowers. In order to do so, you have to remove the weeds, which strangle your plants and ultimately kill them. You also have to do a process called pruning – which is cutting off the old parts of healthy plants in order for them to continue to flourish. Without constantly doing these two things – cutting off the bad and pruning away at the good – your garden (and your hair) will never be what it could be – beautiful, strong and producing good fruit.

Jesus says that we are just like a garden and He is the ultimate gardener – and that, while we have been made new and perfect in Him – that there is always work to be done. Sanctification is the daily practice of searching ourselves for weeds and fruit and asking Him to do surgery on our hearts. In order to grow, we must first be open in allowing Him to cut off the bad and then prune the good.

And this practice requires humility and courage. It requires humility – that we take a good, hard look at ourselves and admit that there’s room for growth. And then it requires the courage to ask God to go to work on the gardens of our hearts. While it isn’t always a fun process and there’s often pain and feelings we don’t want to experience in the process, the end result is ALWAYS worth it.

So today, I ask you – what can you ask God to go to work on in your heart? Are you bearing good fruit that needs pruning – sharpening – growth? Or are you maybe living with a garden that is being strangled by weeds? Ask God today to perform surgery, with a heart that is willing to change, and see how your garden begins to grow.

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