Dealing with New Baby Sleep Deprivation

Dealing with New Baby Sleep Deprivation

There is nothing in the world quite like bringing home a brand new bundle of joy. Your heart likely feels like it’s about to burst with happiness, and you may spend every waking minute cooing and sitting in awe as you look over your new baby.

Plus, all of the super cute Instagram photos you’re posting!

But, there’s a stereotype attached with new parenthood that almost everyone faces, at least for some period of time: A lack of sleep.

Simply put, your newborn probably isn’t going to sleep for hours at a time each night. They have to start differentiating their days and nights, and they just don’t sleep as long as we do (or as long as we might like to!).

While a little sleep deprivation seems small compared to the love you feel for your new baby, it’s important for you and your spouse to take care of yourselves during this time. Staying healthy will help you to take better care of your newborn, and you’ll be able to appreciate that much more.

So, what can you do to get the rest you need after bringing home baby? Check out these helpful tips:

  1. Talk About It

Talk about your sleep needs with your spouse. Ideally, this is something you’ll discuss before you bring the baby home, but if you only start to realize how much you’re struggling after the fact, it’s okay!

You’re both in this together. You’re partners. If you need more sleep, ask them to do a bit more when it comes to those “middle of the night” diaper changes and feedings. Keeping an open dialogue about how you’re feeling is important.

  1. Don’t Bite Off More Than You Can Chew

Now isn’t the time to sign up as a chaperone for your older child’s field trip to the zoo. You also don’t have to immediately get back to household chores, work, or other obligations. Give yourself time to fully rest and recuperate. By filling your schedule with things every day, your body will have a harder time healing and feeling well-rested.

  1. Sleep When the Baby Sleeps

You’ve probably heard this tip before, but it stands the test of time for a reason. Does your little one take a 30-minute nap in the afternoon? So should you! Did they doze off unexpectedly this morning? Take the time to catch a few minutes of sleep!

Until your baby establishes a more concrete routine, their sleeping habits are going to be sporadic. As a result, yours might need to be just as sporadic for a while. Sleeping when your baby sleeps will give you a few extra minutes of rest each day, so even if you’re not getting much at night, it won’t be such a huge problem.

  1. Know It Won’t Last Forever

When it’s 3am and you’re warming up a bottle for your baby, it can feel like there will never be an end in sight, and that you’ll never get a good night’s sleep again.

One of the best things you can do for your emotional and mental health is to remind yourself that this stage of life isn’t permanent. At some point, your baby will start sleeping through the night – some sooner than others.

That constant reminder can help you to focus on all of the wonderful things about parenthood, no matter how exhausted you are! Sleep when you can, ask for support, and don’t forget the occasional cup of coffee to keep you going throughout the day!

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