6 Ways to Detox Without Juicing

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6 Ways to Detox Without Juicing

Well, we’re a full week into 2019 and I’m back on the clean eating train. While I know my body thrives on this type of living [I mean, hello… I started a blog just to talk about how much I love this lifestyle and why I recommend it], I always have the hardest time convincing my body of that fact after a period of indulgence. I ate [and drank] whatever I wanted for about 6 weeks, so going cold turkey has my body screaming for grains, dairy and sugar. So, to give my body a boost and to start detoxing myself of all the junk inside my body, I’ve been drinking plenty of juices.

I’ve done juice cleanses before and I actually really enjoy them [other than feeling like crud for a few days]. But I don’t recommend them for anyone. When juice cleanses are passed around like candy, I get uncomfortable. You have to make sure you’re approaching the process correctly to get the most out of a detox period like this. If you want my full low-down on juice cleanses, read about this one I did a few years ago here. Instead of one week, I’ve decided to participate in Reful’s Jump Start One Day Juice Cleanse this month. I’m opting for one day of “fasting” every week in January [Monday’s my day because I don’t have workouts that day] to boost my metabolism, give my gut a “shock” [really, an opportunity to rest], and to cleanse my body. I’m essentially drinking several juices and I’m eating 2 small meals of raw vegetables and fruits to get some good, cleansing fiber in! I just completed week 2, so far, and I’m really happy with how I feel with it.

Outside of juicing, I’m taking several steps to help me body recover from the long, indulgent, holiday season because juicing isn’t the only way to detox or cleanse your body! There are plenty of steps you can take to help your body rid itself of toxins, without feeling like a flu-like, hungry person! The best part about these detoxifying steps is that you can do them daily or weekly to give your body a good boost! Here are 6 of my favorite ways to detox without juicing:

6 ways to detox without juicing

Believe it or not, it’s possible to detox your body from the outside, as well! These methods take hardly any time to do, but they make a huge difference by helping rid your body of toxins from the outside in. Every time I’ve done a cleanse, I’ve supplemented it with these steps – it makes the process more bearable since the toxins aren’t sitting in your body as long, so you don’t feel as icky.

1. water, water, water

Hydration is the number one way to move bad stuff out of your body. You should be drinking half of your body weight in ounces of water each day. For example – if you weigh 150 lbs, you should be drinking 75 ounces of water daily… so drink up!

2. get a massage

massages are a great way to get those toxins moving! If the spa you’re headed to has a sauna, hop in there for 15 minutes before your massage to open up your pores and start the process! Sauna or not, make sure you drink plenty of water before and after the massage to get the best detoxifying effects!

3. dry brushing

One third of your body’s toxins exit through the skin and dry brushing helps to unclog pores and rid your body of toxins beneath the skin. Using a bristle brush, preferably one with a long handle, brush your skin with long strokes that extend towards your heart, which sometimes feels weird. This helps with circulation, as well, and is best done before showering. Don’t have a dry brush? Exfoliate. Here’s a recipe for an easy sugar scrub using products you may already have in your kitchen!

4. detox bath

Use this recipe to create a relaxing, all-natural detox bath at home:

– 4 tablespoons of Baking Soda
– 2 cups of Epsom Salts
– 5 drops of Lavender Oil EO

Combine the baking soda and salt well. Pour the Lavender Oil EO on top of the salt mixture. Let the mixture sit for a little bit so that the oil can soak into the salt, about 5 minutes. Pour over a hot bath. It’s best to soak for 20 minutes to get the full detox effect. Make sure you drink plenty of water before and after!

5. oil pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient technique that involves swishing a tablespoon of organic coconut oil in your mouth for 20 minutes. By doing this, the oil draws out toxins in your gums and helps clean your teeth. It is said that doing this every day is great for your overall health and whitens your teeth as well!! Just swish that oil around in your mouth, but be careful not to swallow it! You may have to work your way up to 20 minutes, as it’s a long time. When you spit it out, just make sure you spit into the trashcan and not the sink – you don’t want it to clog your pipes – it congeals in the cold!

6. detoxifying charcoal face mask

Activated charcoal is known for pulling out nasty toxins through the skin. Charcoal is brilliant, y’all. It literally sucks the impurities out of your pores and gently exfoliates while it’s working! I use the Beautycounter Charcoal Mask because it leaves my skin feeling soft and amazing, and I know it’s made with only the best ingredients! To see how I use the Beautycounter Balancing Charcoal Mask as a part of a weekly skin detox regimen, click here.

Whether you’re planning on doing a cleanse, feel like you’re full of gross after traveling or an indulgent season, or just wanting to give your body a treat, these tricks are awesome for detoxifying the body from the outside in!

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