DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper with NOW Essential Oils

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper with NOW Essential Oils

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper // www.

When I was little, I had big, plump lips! In fact, they were the object of some of my bullies’ affections… so I used to HATE that they were so big! As I graduated from elementary school, I grew to be thankful for them as I saw friends of mine go to measures to create the effect of the plump lips I happened to wake up with in the morning! [Does anyone remember lip venom? The clear gloss that my friends CLAIMED had snake venom in it and made your lips plump and full of color?] While my lips are nice and plump, they’re not naturally full of color. In fact, I can still hear my mom say “You need some lip stick!” before leaving the house… They’re nice and pale… add a spray tan to my face and they look positively WHITE! It looks a bit unhealthy, actually!

Now that I’m older, I’m noticing that time does have an effect on your lips… at least it does mine… They aren’t quite as plump as they once were, but they sure have held onto that natural, pale color! There are plenty of days I wish I could put that lip venom stuff on and let the “venom” do its trick!

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper // www.

I’ve actually done some research and I’ve found out that it truly wasn’t venom in those lip plumping glosses… and it wasn’t magic how they worked, either. In fact, we can make our own at home in about 10 seconds! YES MA’AM!

With some essential oils and some clear gloss, you can create your own DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper that you can use when you need some color and some umph added to those lips! There are two oils [cinnamon and peppermint] that create a tingle, adding color and a plumping effect! The best part is that it looks so natural because it truly is your body’s natural response to these essential oils!

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper // www.

Now, let’s take a moment to talk about essential oils… I choose to use NOW Organic Essential Oils because they are pure and organic, plus, you can find them online or in stores like Whole Food Market! When working with essential oils, you need to be VERY careful… Even if a company tells you it’s safe to ingest them, you’re working with medicinal-grade elements that can be very harmful when misused! I DO NOT CONDONE THE INGESTION OF ESSENTIAL OILS AT ALL… Now, topical use? Yes. You can use those with the right education. Never use an oil directly onto your skin… make sure you ALWAYS blend it with a carrier oil, like jojoba oil, coconut oil or olive oil! The gloss, itself will serve as a carrier oil for your DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper, so we’re all good! If you’re in the market for some great aromatherapy oils and diffusers, check out NOW Foods for their oils and awesome supplements!

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper// www.

Now that that’s done… I am so excited to share this simple and quick recipe for a DIY All-Natural lip plumper!

Here’s what you need:
NOW Foods Organic Peppermint Oil
-Clear Lip Gloss [I use this non-toxic option from Beautycounter]

Here’s what you do:
-Take your clear lip gloss and add 5-6 drops of peppermint oil to it
-Use the wand to stir it up
-Rub it on your lips like usual [your lips may tingle… that’s normal]

*Both of these glosses are coconut oil based, so that carrier oil is already in there! Yay!
**You can also do this with cinnamon essential oil, but some people react to that because it’s a bit stronger… If you use cinnamon oil, only add 4-5 drops.

Here I am before putting the gloss on [NO MAKEUP ALERT!]:

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper // www.

Here I am about 30 seconds AFTER putting the gloss on [STILL NO MAKEUP! Sorry, y’all!]:

DIY All-Natural Lip Plumper // www.

Just FYI:
**Natural essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care. Do not exceed dilutions recommended for this recipe. For adults only. Keep out of reach of children. Not for internal use. Avoid contact with eyes. Consult healthcare practitioner before using if pregnant/nursing. Not intended for use with pets. Discontinue and consult your healthcare practitioner if rash appears after skin contact.**

This post was sponsored by NOW Foods, as in, they provided the product used. The recipe and thoughts on essential oils and claims of the way they work are my own and do not necessarily represent the thoughts and beliefs of NOW Foods. I am not a physician or a specialist by any means! That said, I only work with brands that I stand behind personally and that I use in my daily life so, whether sponsored or not, any product recommended on this website is something I recommend in my daily life.

Let me know if you try this lip plumper at home and how you like it!

Have a great day!

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