Easter Gift Ideas for the Littlest Bunnies

Easter Gift Ideas for the Littlest BunniesEaster is coming up this weekend and, if you’re anything like me, you’re just NOW thinking about basket-fillers! I’m always in need of fun, new and unique Easter gift ideas for everyone in my family, but now that my boy’s first Easter is here, I’m focusing on him most… after all, it IS my first go at Easter Bunny-ing as a mommy! Here are my favorite Easter Gift ideas for the tiniest little bunnies in our lives!

Even though B can’t understand what’s happening, the Easter Bunny will be paying him a visit. Mama’s just got to get on it!

Here are my favorites:

  1. Organic Baby Bath Set by Babo Botanicals // This baby bath set is precious. I love it as an Easter gift because the Babo logo is a bunny! Their products smell so fresh, plus they’re all natural, HOORAY!
  2. Fuddlewuddle Bunny by Jellycat // I love Jellycats. They’re so soft and cuddly. This little bunny is SO sweet for Easter!
  3. Glow-in-the-Dark Bouncy Easter Eggs // These bouncy balls are perfect for playtime! They glow in the dark [can someone say nighttime egg hunt?], plus they’re big enough that they aren’t a serious choking hazard!
  4. Pat the Bunny // This classic touch-and-feel book is a favorite!
  5. All-Natural Egg Coloring Kit // I love dying Easter Eggs, but hate the chemicals! This allows for all-natural, Easter fun for all ages!
  6. Hand-Woven Carrot Rattle // This Etsy find is a precious little gift for an infant! How sweet is it?
  7. God Gave Us Easter // This little book puts the story of Easter into words that even the littlest ones can understand! While it’s fun to enjoy the colorful eggs and bunnies at Easter, it’s so important to teach our children the true meaning behind the holiday!

Have a very happy, family-filled Easter weekend, everyone!

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