Fall 5K’s – Why you Should add one to Your Schedule this Year

Fall 5K’s – Why you Should add one to Your Schedule this Year

Happy Fall, y’all! By now, I’m sure you’ve either prepped your sweater and boot wardrobe (if you haven’t already worn them yet), had your first pumpkin spice latte (or are you not a fan?), gotten super into college football season, or have scheduled your fall family photo session. Or… all of the above! Who doesn’t love this time of year?

There are tons more fun activities/traditions to include on the list, but I want to encourage you to consider one in particular. Gather up your crew to run/walk a 5K together! It can be done around your neighborhood, at the park, or in an official road race. From the seasoned PR seeker like me, to the beginner weekend warrior, to the fun runner – there’s space for YOU.

Here are some reasons why 5K races rock and you should put one on your calendar:

  • Achieve your New Year’s resolution/2019 goal: Was your goal to tone up, lose weight, and implement more self-care this year? How’d you do? I hope well! If not, there’s still time to make it so. Running/walking is a great way to accomplish your health goals. A major perk is that it requires minimal equipment (you + a good pair of running shoes). You can choose between the great outdoors and the trusty treadmill at your gym. Ready to feel awesome and check one of your 2019 goals off the list? Lace up those Nikes!


  • Ease newbies into the sport: Do you want your bestie to also be your running buddy, but she finds running intimidating? Would you love your family to join you on the trails sometime, but they think running without being chased is crazy? I’m raising my hand here. From my experience, it’s best to win them over by eaaasing them into it. Work on convincing them to sign up and then make it fun. I’ve found that their minds can shift a bit after they experience the crisp fall air and energetic atmosphere of race morning. Earning some race day swag doesn’t hurt either.


  • Give back to those who give so much: The heartbeat of our communities are the many non-profit organizations that work selflessly to meet our local + global needs. Many 5K races donate a portion of their proceeds to these organizations. Non-profits host their own too. What better way to help these organizations further their mission? Invite a friend and support a cause that matters to you. Check with your local running club or specialty running store for a list of races.


  • Join the country in earning your turkey! Did you know that Thanksgiving Day is the most popular day for 5Ks? That’s pretty cool, right? All across the US, families and friends hit the pavement bright and early before they feast later that day. They range from massive races held downtown to smaller ones in the suburbs. Sign up for a Turkey Day race to be inspired by the crowds and burn extra calories to make room for the yummy stuffing and pecan pie coming your way.

Okay, are you fired up and ready to sign up (and recruit) now? 😊 This last quarter of the year is so fun for a myriad of reasons. Enjoy the fall and happy running!


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