Fitness for 2 – Exercising in the 1st Trimester

Fitness for 2 – Exercising in the 1st Trimester

Before you read this, check out this post about working out in pregnancy!
Don’t forget to talk to your doctor, too!

So, you’re pregnant! Congrats! That’s amazing news and we’re so happy for you, here at The H is For…! Seeing that positive pregnancy test comes with a slew of questions and “should-do’s”, not to mention the all “shouldn’t-do’s” too! One of my most-asked questions is about my workout regimen during my most-recent pregnancy. I decided to partner with Vive Personal Training to put together an informative series on working out in pregnancy from exercising in the 1st trimester to working out postpartum and all the things you need to know in between! Of course, always talk to your doctor or midwife before starting any kind of fitness regimen during pregnancy!

Exercising in the 1st trimester is… well… interesting. In fact, the first trimester in and of itself is interesting. While this is an exciting time, it’s also not the easiest to navigate. Let’s take a closer look at what exercising in the 1st trimester looks like, what’s happening to your body and how to modify your workouts accordingly.

What’s Good to Know About Exercising in the 1st Trimester:

Working Out is Hard

Exercising is already hard, but exercising in the 1st trimester is INFINITELY HARDER. I have to say that this is something I didn’t expect the first go-round and it definitely took me by surprise the 2nd time around as well. During the first trimester, your body is expending the same amount of energy every single day as it would be if you were running a marathon. Keep that in mind. It’s tough work growing a baby and that babe of yours is growing leaps an bounds – literally doubling in size over a day or two – the very most in the first trimester. That means that you’ll hit a wall a lot faster in your workouts… and that’s okay! Be prepared for this and give yourself the grace you need – and deserve. Your energy will come back again after the 1st trimester is over. In fact, I think the first trimester is the hardest one to work out in… it really does get better!

Resting is Vital in 1st Trimester, too

As important as it is to be active in your pregnancy, remember that it’s just as important to allow your body to rest and recover every single day. Don’t push yourself too hard, and let your body rest when you can! Hydrating is a great way to help your body recover from all the work it’s doing, too!

Stay Away from:

Exercises That Leave You Breathless

You should be able to carry on a conversation at any point in your workout. If you can’t, you’re pushing it too hard. Slow down and catch your breath. You don’t need to get your heart rate that high when you’re pregnant. Your goal should just be to move your body!

Ab Workouts in the Supine Position

This is a rule that will stick around throughout your pregnancy. For whatever reason, the supine position [anything laying on your back] is off limits during your pregnancy workouts.

Anything Upside Down

Time to shelf the acrobatics. No more handstands, handstand push-ups or anything upside down.

Recommended Workouts:

Stationary Bikes
Dance Aerobics

Fitness for 2 Video Series

This is just a general summary of what you need to know about exercising in pregnancy. As you journey from first trimester to third trimester, certain modifications and changes are necessary. I paired up with Jon at Vive Fitness to create a video series about working out throughout your pregnancy and how that changes as you get closer to your delivery day. The series includes inspiration for the types of workouts that are best to do and even some exercises you can do at home!

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