Fitness for 2 – Exercising in the 3rd Trimester

Fitness for 2 – Exercising in the 3rd Trimester

before you read this, check out this post about working out in pregnancy!
don’t forget to talk to your doctor, too!

So, you’re pregnant! Congrats! That’s amazing news and we’re so happy for you, here at The H is For…! Seeing that positive pregnancy test comes with a slew of questions and “should-do’s”, not to mention the all “shouldn’t-do’s” too! One of my most-asked questions is about my workout regimen during my most-recent pregnancy. I decided to partner with Vive Personal Training to put together an informative series on working out in pregnancy from exercising in the 1st trimester to working out postpartum and all the things you need to know in between! Of course, always talk to your doctor or midwife before starting any kind of fitness regimen during pregnancy!

Exercising in the 3rd trimester presents it’s challenges! You’re getting bigger by the minute and as baby drops lower and lower in preparation for delivery, moving around get’s pretty hard to do, not to mention uncomfortable! While this is an exciting time, it’s still important to modify your workouts to ensure that you’re incorporating methods that are safe for your growing, pregnant body. Let’s take a closer look at what exercising in the 3rd trimester looks like, what’s happening to your body and how to modify your workouts accordingly.

What’s Good to Know About Exercising in the 3rd Trimester:

Your Body Produces Relaxin

Relaxin is a chemical that does what it sounds like – it relaxes your ligaments to prepare your body for birth. While the relaxin is helpful in preparing your hips for delivery, it unfortunately relaxes ALL the ligaments. This compromises your balance and can lead to general aches and pains you haven’t experienced before in pregnancy. Because of this, it’s important, now more than ever, to stay away from movements that could allow you to fall or require a significant amount of balancing. You could tweet something and increase your daily discomfort.

You’re BIG

Exercising in the 3rd trimester isn’t particularly HARD like it was in the first trimester… it’s just that your body can only do so much when your stomach grows to the size it is! You’ll want to make sure you’re doing movements that protect your growing belly!

Blood pressure rises

Remember that dip your blood pressure took around 16 weeks? Those days are long gone. Your blood pressure starts to rise as you get closer and closer to delivery! You’ll want to make sure you keep that in check while exercising in the 3rd trimester. Don’t raise your heart rate too high. Remember that if you start experiencing symptoms of high blood pressure to call your doctor immediately.

You’ll want to protect your bump AND your boobs

Your bump isn’t the only thing growing… your breasts are preparing to feed your baby! When exercising in the 3rd trimester, you’ll want to make sure that you wear a sports bra that is supportive enough to keep those babies at bay! They’ll be doing the heavy lifting once your little one arrives!

Stay Away From:

Lifting heavy

Now is not the time to be lifting heavy weights. Go ahead and opt for higher reps at a lower weight. 10 lb dumbbells can do plenty of toning. You can pick up the heavy weights again after baby is born!

Anything that could be a fall risk

You do NOT want that baby to arrive earlier than it needs to. The biggest risk while exercising in the 3rd trimester is falling, as it could lead to preterm labor. This means it’s time, now more than ever in your pregnancy, to avoid anything that compromises your balance and could lead to a fall.

Recommended Exercises:

some women claim that squatting consistently in pregnancy can lead to a faster labor!
dancing or dance aerobics
water aerobics / swimming


fitness for 2 video series

This is just a general summary of what you need to know about exercising in pregnancy. As you journey from first trimester to third trimester, certain modifications and changes are necessary. I paired up with Jon at Vive Fitness to create a video series about working out throughout your pregnancy and how that changes as you get closer to your delivery day. The series includes inspiration for the types of workouts that are best to do and even some exercises you can do at home!

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