From Sweating to Sidewalk with prAna

From Sweating to Sidewalk with prAna

When I was working as a teacher, I would get off work, head to the gym and then head home and settle in for the night. 9 out of 10 times, I had nowhere to be, which meant that I went straight  home a sweaty mess and that was that. Now that I work from home, I often find myself rushing after a class to rinse off quickly and head to whatever meeting, event or meal that I have scheduled. I’ve had so many post-workout wardrobe changes that I now have to be strategic in what I choose to pack in my bag to change into after a quick shower.

This has become sort of an art-form for me… finding outfits that are easily transitional from a sweat session to a work meeting. I’m always looking for pieces that can take me from sweating to sidewalk quickly and easily. In fact, for today’s post, I decided to give myself a challenge to pick out two outfits that anyone could easily change into in a matter of minutes right after a sweaty workout and look put-together enough to face the real world.

Now, I know that sometimes, jeans do the trick, but other times, you need to be looking nice in a matter of minutes, so I chose two outfits – one for a casual meeting and one for an event post-workout. Both of these outfits are comfortable to wear, look cute as can be and are easy to put on after a quick shower post-workout, so they can go from sweating to sidewalk in an instant. To be fair and test this theory, I decided to sign up for the sweatiest class I could think of – A SoulCycle class with Kevin, who is well-known as the hardest instructor in Dallas – at 9:30 [ending at 10-:15] and schedule a coffee date at 10:30 just across the street with a friend. Here’s what I chose for my casual coffee date, from sweating to sidewalk look:

I jumped off my bike, rinsed off in the shower, bagged up my clothes and tossed on these skinny jeans by prAna. I typically choose against changing into skinny jeans after a quick shower because they are SO HARD to put on if you’re still damp and I end up spending a while trying to pull them up over my legs and rear-end that it’s not worth it… but THESE SKINNY JEANS ARE HEAVEN, Y’ALL! They slid right up, buttoned comfortably and they are SO cute on. I tossed on a white shirt [wrinkled from my gym bag, of course, so I knotted it and my favorite Adidas sneakers. My hair went into a messy bun on top of my head and tossed on some tinted moisturizer and out the door I went! I walked into the coffee shop across with street at 10:31!

For my fancier look, I hopped off my bike and had only a few minutes to rinse off and change before heading over to a shopping event at Fair Park. I chose to grab my favorite joggers from prAna, tucked in a black t-shirt and added some black, strappy heels for a more formal look. Joggers are my favorite go-to’s for a night out because they’re comfortable and super chic with heels on. The color of these pants is possibly my favorite part! I added my blue cross body Celine bag to play with it a bit! Once again, my hair went into a bun, I opted for foundation, some blush/bronzer and a touch of eyeliner and lipstick and there you have it… I went from sweaty mess to nightlife-ready in a matter of minutes! Here’s the look:

For both of these looks, I chose items from prAna, a sustainability-focused, activewear company that makes some of the most amazing clothes for active and leisure lifestyles. They are determined to create clothes that look good and play hard and are made with the most ethically-sourced and environmentally-friendly products out there. Luckily for all of us, most of their clothes are made from hemp or organic cotton, which means they last and last and feel like heaven! Their clothes are cute and comfortable and are so easy to maneuver in once they’re on. That’s why they are my go-to brand for quick changes like this one.

In fact, I love prAna so much, I have a discount code JUST FOR YOU!! Use the code: MHMS17CH to get 15% of your prAna purchase now through May 19th! Yes, that’s right! 15% off those awesome jeans and joggers and so much more! In fact, you can buy all the clothes seen in this post here:

P.S. prAna sent me the jeans and the joggers and I loved them so much I had to share them with you. I chose them on my own for this post and wear them all the time! I never endorse anything I wouldn’t personally use in my daily life!

Have you had to change quickly after a sweaty workout? What do you change into to make it easier?

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