Getting Baby-Ready for Less with Kroger

Getting Baby-Ready for Less with Kroger

This post was created in partnership with Kroger
The other day, I was pouring apple juice in B’s sippy cup and I noticed the expiration date – nothing special, definitely still good, but the apple juice was set to expire in April of 2018… I smiled and thought “Baby girl will be here before this apple juice expires!” and then it hit me…
Baby girl will be here BEFORE the apple juice expires.
Now that the year she’s due to be born is here and my pregnancy-heavy year is behind me, it’s time for me to get serious about filling my home with things my baby girl will need! It’s funny… last pregnancy I had charts ready for what I needed to buy, my home was full and ready to go months before his arrival and I might as well have practiced pumping before the third trimester. This time, though, I feel like I’m scrambling. Baby girl will be here in 6 weeks and I’m just now thinking about the items I’ll need to truly be ready to welcome her home.
So, here I am… running around like a crazy women getting all the baby items and spending more money in January than I did Christmas shopping in December… Babies [and all the things they need] are expensive, y’all.
So, I’m REALLY excited about the baby event at Kroger. Like REALLY excited. And I wanted to share the great news with you!
Essentially, over the next two weeks, when you buy $40 worth of participating baby items [they’ll be marked with a sign], you get $10 off your next baby purchase. That’s money back in my pocket, y’all! The best part about this is that Kroger’s baby aisle literally has everything I’ll need from baby wash to formula to diapers!
This event runs from January 10th through the 23rd. That means that over the next two weeks, I can be found hanging out in Kroger’s baby aisle, stocking up on all the things I’ll need and getting money back for doing it. My plan is to stock up on as many $10 baby item coupons as possible. Here are some of the items I’m stocking up on:
  • Johnson & Johnson Head to Toe Shampoo and Baby Wash
  • Comforts For Baby Formula [just in case breastfeeding doesn’t work out, I want to have some on hand]
  • Happy Baby Snack Pouches [B loved these and baby girl will be ready to eat them by July!]
  • Pedialyte [for Baby B – it’s flu season, y’all.]
  • Gerber Good Fun Sippy Cup [for more apple juice enjoyment for my boy]

… and so much more.

Yes, I found all of these in one place – on one aisle, AND got money back to use on the next Kroger run! That’s a mom-win for sure! Can I just take a moment and say that there’s a HUGE Kroger right down the street and it has never occurred to me to go there for baby stuff. I literally kept telling my husband “They have everything here… like EVERYTHING!” I no longer have to drive all the way out to the big Baby Store 30 minutes away for things. They had everything from washable, bamboo breast pads to baby potties!
Thought I’d share this awesome event with you! We mama’s have to stick together, you know!
This post is sponsored by Kroger. As always, though, I don’t put anything on my blog that isn’t true or that I don’t believe in. If you want to find me, head to my local Kroger. You can find me in the baby aisle actually buying these things.

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