Healthier Cocktail Recipe // 20/20 Moscow Mule

Healthier Cocktail Recipe // 20/20 Moscow Mule

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I’m currently up in Colorado for my sister, Carly’s, wedding and I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to be in the cool, fall weather! Apparently a cold front hit Texas yesterday, too, and now it’s in the 70’s instead of the 90’s, so I know that there are plenty of Dallasites whipping out their fall best to celebrate the beginning of a season [even if it’s only for a few days]! This week on the blog, I’ve been sharing some recipes for healthier cocktails and it’s been so much fun. I have one more to share and it’s perfect for today – The 20/20 Moscow Mule!

Why is the 20/20 Moscow Mule perfect for today? 1. It’s colder outside and a Moscow Mule just looks like autumn. 2. It’s Friday, so perfect timing for a cocktail recipe, right? and 3. My sister and her groom both ADORE Moscow Mules. It’s their favorite drink, so why no pay homage to them today as they become one in marriage this weekend?

Now, what exactly is a 20/20 Moscow Mule? There’s an extra ingredient in this that gives it a healthier boost and adds an extra kick too! For this recipe, I added some cold-pressed juice to the drink! Cold-pressed juice is a great way to get a burst of nutrients from fruits and vegetables. I love the combination of Carrot, Orange and Ginger together, so that’s what I added! Ginger is great for your digestive tract, helping to calm an upset stomach and it’s naturally invigorating! The citrus addition of the orange juice provides a good amount of Vitamin C, which makes it a great addition to add to any drink when you’re muddling through allergies! [It’s important to note, however, that I’m talking about a juice that is LITERALLY only made by squeezing the orange. Adding in an orange juice that you buy at any grocery store risks a big addition of sugar that won’t be helpful.] The carrot juice provides a bright orange glow and is great for your skin and your eyesight! That’s where I got the name of the drink, the 20/20 Moscow Mule because it’s got the awesome eye-power of carrot in it!

Moscow Mules are easy to make and naturally, a healthier choice than your typical, sugar-laden beverages.  When trying to make any drink recipe healthier, consider the type of alcohol you choose first. I always go for Tito’s Vodka, as it’s organic and triple distilled, so, to me, it’s as clean as it gets! I just added the juice, the ginger beer and the lime to the vodka and voila! A fabulous drink.

Here’s a helpful hint: The ginger in the cold-pressed juice can be very strong. If you make the cold pressed juice yourself, less is more. If you have someone make it for you [like the juice and coffee counter at Whole Foods], tell them to go light on the ginger. If it’s too tart, add some honey to the drink and stir! I like my mules with a KICK, though, so I love the zing of the ginger!

Here’s the recipe:

Have you ever made a different variation of a Moscow Mule? If so, please share it below! If you made this drink for yourself, what did you think of it? Share that too!

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