Healthier Cocktail Recipe // Tequila Old Fashioned

Healthier Cocktail Recipe // Tequila Old Fashioned

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Last week, I shared a recipe for an easy, all-natural version of a classic cocktail that everyone loves, The French 75 and, this week, I’ve got another – a Tequila Old Fashioned. It’s no secret that, when I’m not pregnant, a good cocktail is an indulgence that I enjoy. I love combining flavors and mixing tastes to create a unique combination that tastes good. Unfortunately, many classic cocktails are high in sugar or made with ingredients that are just, well… icky. I had some of my girlfriends over this summer for a curated cocktail night where I shared my favorite ways to make these cocktails all-naturally – starting with THE most classic cocktail out there, The Old Fashioned.

When it comes to making a cocktail “healthier”, the first thing I consider is the type of alcohol used. Of course, the darker the alcohol, the higher the sugar content, or it’s made with ingredients that are inflammatory, like wheat. Lighter liquors, like vodka and tequila, are safer choices, especially when they’re mixed with good, quality ingredients. A classic Old Fashioned is made with brandy or whiskey, so to start, I’m taking a healthy – and unique – spin on this classic and changing it up. Introducing The Tequila Old Fashioned.

When picking a tequila as a healthier option for indulging while still keeping to as clean of a diet as possible, it’s best to pick a high-quality, organic tequila. I recommend This 123 Organic Reposado Tequila “Dos” for something like this. It’s also good for sipping with lime juice and salt – totally different cocktail, though.

Once you’ve picked your poison, per se, it’s time to consider how you will sweeten it. A classic Old Fashioned is sweetened with refined sugar and bitters. For the sake of continuity, plus the digestive benefits they provide, I kept with the angostura bitters, but I chose to sweeten this cocktail with homemade honey simple syrup. Don’t want to make your own honey simple syrup? You can use agave nectar, although, it’s not my favorite choice in all honesty. There are much healthier ways to sweeten something than with agave nectar, but it IS better than refined sugars or artificial sweeteners. Here’s how you make the simple syrup:

How to Make Honey Simple Syrup

All you do is mix equal parts honey and water and heat them in a saucepan until the honey melts into the water. Pour it into a jar or a bottle and put a cover on it. You can store it for up to two weeks in the fridge! Here’s another cocktail recipe where I used honey simple syrup as a natural sweetener.

When serving the Tequila Old Fashioned undressed, if you will, I poured the tequila and the simple syrup into an oil and vinegar container for fun. Plus, it made for easy pouring. We passed around the fruit and I had each girl muddle their own cherries and oranges right there into their glasses. These Tequila Old Fashioned’s were fun to make and even more fun to drink! [I took a taste, but that was it because tequila + pregnancies are no good.]

Here’s the recipe:

This drink was the perfect combination of sweet and sassy. The tequila and the bitters added a fun spark to the drink and the simple syrup and fresh fruits cut through it with a sweet, but not overbearing, smoothness. Have you ever had a Tequila Old Fashioned? What do you think of this funky [and healthier] twist on a classic?

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