Healthy Holiday Survival Guide – Staying on Track During Christmas

Healthy Holiday Survival Guide – Staying on Track During Christmas

Today, we’re talking staying on track and I’m sharing my healthy holiday survival guide. The weather starts to cool down, the commercials on TV start to incorporate sleigh bells, and the hustle and bustle of the stores starts to pick up… You know what time it is… and so does that voice inside your head! With every holiday party, family gathering, and classroom celebration, you’ll be faced with that voice; Are these holiday treats a fun way to celebrate and create memories or an excuse to forget your standards and a temptation to ‘experience the season’ with unhealthy indulgences? Every time, you’ll have to decide. Yes, indulging a bit is a part of the fun, but the key is to remember these three words when it comes to holiday indulging: moderation, grace, and joy.


Everything in moderation… except for moderation, itself.
This is a special time of year where the food, drinks, and celebration all serve a purpose… they are all a part of the Christmas experience. When you indulge, indulge in moderation. Keep it in perspective and don’t go overboard.


When you do indulge [and in case you happen to overindulge, tomorrow is a new day. Wake up brand new and focus on your goals all over again. Don’t fall into that mindset of “I’ve already been so bad… I’ll just give myself until the new year.” Kick regret to the curb. Practice forgiveness and start every day [and sometimes every party] fresh and new, as if you hadn’t ever messed up and are sticking right on track!


Remember that this season is full of memories to be made and loved ones to be celebrated! Don’t lose sight of the joy of the season. Keep yourself grounded, but also participate in that joy. We could all use some more of it!

healthy holiday survival guide – surviving all the parties without gaining all the pounds

• When you’re at an event with a spread of options to choose from, eat the protein rst. Studies show that when you eat the protein and vegetables rst, it lowers your blood sugar level after the meal… remember that any sugar your body doesn’t process, turns into fat.

• Try to stick to one drink per gathering. If your family happens to be at that gathering and you just NEED another, remember the 1:1 rule: for every alcoholic beverage, have a glass of water.

• Pick a champion. Go ahead and rank the indulgent foods based on how much you want it. This holiday season, YOU get to be the bachelorette in a world of sugary-sweet bachelors… Give out your rose to the winner. Pick the one unhealthy item that you MUST have, put it on your plate, and tell the others goodbye.

• Instead of wine, opt for a Tito’s and soda. Tito’s Vodka is organic triple-distilled and soda water has zero calories. This drink has way less sugar than a glass of wine and typically takes longer to sip on. Add a slice of lime for a little more flavor. Check out this awesome holiday twist on a Tito’s an soda!

healthy holiday survival guide to cooking – healthier recipe swap cheat sheet

recipe calls for: milk  ||  swap it with: almond milk

This will help make your recipe dairy-free. For sweeter treats, use a vanilla almond milk. For savory treats, go with unsweetened almond milk.

recipe calls for: sour cream  ||  swap it with: greek yogurt

This will significantly lower the amount of calories without affecting the taste. Want to make sure the yogurt is as tangy as sour cream would have been? Add a squeeze of lemon.

recipe calls for: sweetened condensed milk  ||  swap it with: sweetened condensed coconut milk

This actually makes the recipe even sweeter, while removing the dairy. Pumpkin pie, anyone?

recipe calls for: flour  ||  swap it with: cup-for-cup gluten free flour

This gluten free our has taken out the hassle of guring out the best blend of rice, almond, and coconut ours… for every cup of regular our you’d use, you substitute one cup of this instead to make your recipe gluten free!

recipe calls for: butter ||  swap it with: ghee or a grass-fed, all-natural butter like ‘KerryGold’

This will help get you as close to paleo as you can get while still eating yummy foods!

recipe calls for: cheese  ||  swap it with: goat cheese or manchego cheese

Dairy-free cheese options that are actually tastier than the cheese itself!

I hope this healthy holiday survival guide is a good resource for you this Christmas season. Using these tips and tricks, and remembering that it’s okay to indulge a little bit will keep you on track through the holidays this year.

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