Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kiddos AND Adults

Healthy Lunch Ideas for Kiddos AND Adults

Let’s talk lunch.  Now that school is back, it’s a great time to bring in a new, healthy habit for everyone in the family and lunch is a great place to start! Now, I’m not just talking about packing lunches for kiddos, but for the adults as well. Through our journey, we’ve learned so much along the way, and I’m happy to share what we do with you.

There’s No Such Thing as ‘Kid Lunch’

First things first, though… in our household, our girls eat what we eat at mealtimes.  So there’s not a lot of differences between the kids’ lunches and the adult lunches around here.  The main different between what the adults eat vs what the kids eat is that we allow our girls to eat string cheese (full fat) and fruits aside from just berries. We prefer to be dairy free and when it comes to fruit, we stick to berries, which rank low on the glycemic index. But other than that, they eat what we eat.

Also, since we’ve learned that food is fuel, we don’t necessarily call our meals: breakfast, lunch, and dinner or plan each one out.  It’s usually meal 1, meal 2, etc…  And just because it’s say meal 1 (breakfast for some) doesn’t mean we can’t have steak and vegetables.  We don’t get caught up in what society “thinks” we should be eating at certain times. The foods that we eat tend to keep us fueled longer than our old eating habits did, and we eat when we’re hungry. My daughters do this, too. Because we eat nutrient-dense food at meal one, I am sure to let their teachers know not to be concerned if they don’t eat a lot at lunch time with everyone else.

Get the Kids Involved and Have a System to Follow

One of the big things we do, is make sure our girls are involved.  They are to an age that they can pack their own meals and I just double check to make sure they have enough.  No matter what, they are sure to pack a meat of some sort and a veggie.  Us adults do the same.  We like to use a bento box-style lunchbox for packing meals as they have their own little compartments so we can fill each one and be done.  If there’s buy-in from them on the packing, there will be buy-in from them on the consuming.

Meal Ideas for Packing Lunches

Meats: chicken, pepperoni, pulled pork, chicken sausages, summer sausage, salmon burgers, bacon, sausage links, steaks, beef sticks, etc…  It’s hard to go wrong with meat.

Veggies: avocado, broccoli (raw or steamed), cauliflower, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, green beans (cooked in real butter), salads (we do a mix of romaine and spinach), any veggie really.

Additional items: ranch dip, sugar free whipped cream dip (homemade, with heavy whipping cream and either stevia or monk fruit), berries, sugar free BBQ (depending on what meat they are having), nuts (macadamia, almond, walnut, pecan… we do not include peanuts), chia seeds, flax meal muffins, cheese sticks for the girls, and parfaits (full fat plain greek yogurt with some vanilla stevia or monk fruit, some berries, and our homemade “granola, made with seeds, nuts, coconut oil, spices”), etc…

Keep it Simple

The biggest thing I try to share with people is, KEEP IT SIMPLE!!!  When people start to overcomplicate things with crazy recipes, etc… that’s when they think it’s “too” hard and/or they “can’t” do it.  We rarely do recipes around here, because I love knowing that if I’m sick or the schedules are crazy, our girls can make their own meals.  It doesn’t have to be hard.  For the most part, we keep everything down to one to three ingredient meals.  It’s sustainable friends, we’ve done it since June of 2018 and couldn’t imagine living any other way.  You can do it, too, I believe in you.

Much love and blessings. ~ B

*Always remember, if you have children, they are a blessing and you, with God, are to guide them.  “Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it.” Proverbs 2:6 School lunches are a great way to start.

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