Heidi Fitzsimmons



Heidi Fitzsimmons is the owner/creator of RiseLoveLive.com, a lifestyle blog, encouraging you to Rise to the Occasion, Love Everyone and Live a Life worth Living. Heidi seeks to inspire her readers to live life to its fullest and become the best version of yourself!


In her blog, you will find articles of well-being, peace, and music each includes a personal twist and growth opportunities.  On Social Media, you will see daily pics which include quotes of inspiration and motivation mixed with family fun, food or mini-adventures with her husband.
When not busy writing, Heidi sings Soprano in the Christian Praise Band at her church and is also their Hospitality Chair.  She also loves to cook yummy food for their weekly family gatherings.

Look for Heidi on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube – @riselovelive

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