Nursery Organization // How We Did It

Nursery Organization // How We Did It


I’m a teacher… And every summer, come August, I begin to get antsy thinking of all the things I need to get done before school starts. From seeing the dentist to detailing the cars to changing the air filters in the A/C unit to a manicure, I slowly check off my list of things I will never have time to do [or so I think] once the first day of school hits. This yearly experience is actually very similar to nesting [except you’re not huge and you can actually sleep if you want and it’s not driven from a natural sense of preparation, but of your OCD nature to take control of SOMETHING before you lose it for a whole to those weird little nuggets you call students…] Ehem… I did it again. Sorry.

Becoming a first-time mom is exciting and terrifying all at once. I remember just sitting down on the floor of B’s nursery thinking of all the things I needed to know how to do that I had no clue about. I remember trying to set up an organizational system for all the items I had received at my baby shower and thinking ‘HOW DO I KNOW WHAT I’M GOING TO USE OR NEED OR WHAT WILL WORK?” The answer, I’ve found, has been a resounding “You don’t. Get over it.” But nonetheless, I turned to seasoned moms to see how they organized their nurseries to get an idea. So, in case you’re sitting on the floor of your nursery, huge and confused and sweaty [because it’s HOT, dammit!] I hope this post gives you a general idea of what you’ll need as far as baby room organization…


Let’s start with the changing table… you’ll be spending a lot A WHOLE LOT of time at this thing. And when a Godzilla-sized attack of the bowels comes your way [or you’ve just held the diaper open too long and your baby boy decides to play darts on your Restoration Hardware Baby and Child animal prints], you need the essentials CLOSE BY. On top of our changing table, I keep a fun basket on diapers available [and full] at all times. I have a bottle of hand-sanitizer [I love this all natural, Lavender one I got at Whole Foods and paid WAY more than the price I’ve linked here] and the wipes warmer.

*Thoughts on the wipes warmer: I registered for this because I thought it would be awesome and cool and SO ORGANIC to make my own reusable cloth wipes… it lasted MAYBE 3 weeks… see my reference to Godzilla above. So I keep normal Honest wipes in the warmer and it’s fun. Do I think babies need a wipes warmer? Probably not, but I have one. #organicmomfail #sorryimnotsorryatall #stinkyclothdiapers

In the top drawers:
On the left, I keep big bottles of lotions, sunscreens and sanitizing wipes along with extra diapers. Underneath the lotions is a baby first aid kit with a thermometer and nail clippers and just stuff you don’t think of that you’ll need. You need that lotion right on top after bath time–My favorite part of every day is getting him bathed and ready for bed. You’ll cherish it.
On the right, I keep pacifiers and teethers, bath stuff, diaper rash stuff, and any medicinal things baby boy might need from gripe water to the Nose Frida [Honestly, AMAZING invention!]. As B has gotten older, I like having some teethers up top because he gets squirmy [my sisters call him the ‘squirmatologist’] so it helps distract him. The Drawer dividers are all Rubbermaid Bento Boxes from Target.

IMG_1308 IMG_1287


In the middle drawers:
On the left, socks and onesies…
On the right, pajamas and play clothes

IMG_1309 IMG_1291


In the bottom drawers:
On the left, every day blankets and burp clothes. Aden and Anais is a gift from God and B sleeps in their swaddle blankets every night! Also, their burp clothes can turn into bibs… HECK YES!
On the right, I keep his sweet, precious little lovies, nicer bibs [because spitting up at church requires fancier cleanup], his serious swaddle blankets like the Halo Sleep Sack, crib sheets, bassinet sheets, changing table sheets. The Boppy Slipcovers from Pottery Barn are in here too.

IMG_1298 IMG_1294

I have minimal closet space in our like 1953 home. I wanted to best utilize the space that I DO have in here, so I went to The Container Store and purchased two Elfa Closet Drawer Systems and stuck them keep into the corners of the closet. This gave me some drawers space, which was desperately needed.

In the Closet:
On the Shelf, I keep some extra books, shoes and my Solly Baby Wraps. [not pictured is a shelf above this that has all the extra parts of his stroller and high chair that he’ll grow into, plus the rain covers for the stroller/carseat].
On Hanging Rack, I keep his nicer clothes that I want to keep hanging. The clothes he fits in now are right in front of me and they get bigger as you go to the right. In this picture, I have 6-9 months on the left and 9-12 months on the right. On top of the drawers, I have some boxes that I’ve labeled 12+ and 18+ and I keep the clothes that he for SURE wouldn’t fit in right now in those. Why the mix of plastic and Huggable Hangers? You can’t put ANYTHING in the dryer when it comes to baby clothes, so I hang everything to dry on the plastic hangers. I was like ‘Oh! I’ll switch them out once they’re dry!’ and all… YEAH FRICKEN RIGHT! I’ve decided to pick my OCD battles…
In the Drawers
Top drawers–left side: hats and booties // right side: swimwear.
2nd Drawers–I keep his nicer blankets [stroller blankets, handmade ones, the blankets that match specific outfits…]
3rd Drawers–left side: his bath towels and wash clothes // right side: some extra stuffed animals/toys
4th Drawers–left side: linens for the ‘big boy bed’ he has in his room // right side: diaper genie accessories
5th Drawers–left side: pillows for the ‘big boy bed’ // right side: also pillows for the ‘big boy bed’
*The Big Boy Bed is actually a twin size bed that I grew up sleeping in. We don’t have a guest room, so this bed is where we’ll put any guests who need to stay the night. [B sleeps with us on those nights].

IMG_1303 IMG_1302


So, that’s how I organize my baby boy’s room. I hope it helps any of you new mommas out there! Seasoned mommas, how do you organize your nurseries? Any tips I could use?

Happy Thursday!

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