Why I’m on a Dating App [and I’m Married]

Why I’m on a Dating App [and I’m Married]

I was at lunch with a friend of mine and she was telling me all about this dating app that allows you to slide through photos of guys, read a few stats on them and then slide right if you like them or left if you don’t. It’s a simple concept and one that I was extremely intrigued with… what a crazy, cool game, right? I thought it was the most fun concept and I have to admit, I had a great time swiping left and right for her sake! How much fun!

I have to admit, though, my husband and I have been married for 5 years and together for 8. When we started dating, the closest thing to a ‘dating app’ was Facebook. Websites existed where you could create a profile, but an app that just allowed you to peruse through thousands of singles? That is a fairly new concept and certainly one I don’t know much about! Like I said… “THIS IS SO MUCH FUN! I wish I could be on a dating app!”

How rude of me.

The reality is, modern dating is not fun. It has become, through these apps, something that you walk through alone. completely isolated. Where as in the olden days [10 years ago], your friends set you up on dates, introduced you to people and were invested in the success of your love life, nowadays, when you’re dating online, you’re forced to do it alone, in quiet. And, unfortunately, that isolation, that ability to do this on your own, allows people to be the worst versions of themselves, which makes the process even harder.

Here I am, a married woman, who doesn’t have to worry about the roller coaster of online dating, telling my friend that I want to be on a dating app because it’s FUN? Shame on me.

Nevertheless, I am currently on a dating app. So is my husband. And, believe it or not, this app is changing the status of online dating and is allowing your friends and family to invest in the success of your love life again.

World, meet Vouch.

The first dating app that allows your friends and family to vouch for you.

Yes, my husband and I each have an account on this app… we’re on it because we are vouching for our friends. I get to swipe left or right on behalf of my friends and help them choose the best people for them. It’s an awesome concept! Looking to find love on Vouch? You get 2-6 vouchers and you can only speak to someone when 2 vouchers agree that they’re a fit! The best part? That guy has to have 2 vouchers agree that you’re a fit, too, before conversation can even begin.

This means, you have a minimum of 4 people who have said “this could work”. Those same 4 people are holding you and your match accountable in the success of the date or ensuing relationship! Let me tell you… this is going to absolutely change modern dating!

And guess what… you can get on this app, too! In fact, Vouch launches on March 16th!

Are you in Dallas? Come join me tomorrow night, March 16th, at The Rustic for the Vouch App Launch Party! I’ll be there, along with Catherine and Sean Lowe, everyone’s favorite couple from The Bachelor and the Ray Johnston Band! Will I see you there? Reserve your spot here.

P.S. The first 300 people there get a free drink!

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