Too Hot Outside? Check Out These Indoor Workout Ideas

Too Hot Outside? Check Out These Indoor Workout Ideas

It’s hot, it’s hot it’s hot.  Whether you’re currently on the East Coast, in the Texas panhandle, or atop the Colorado mountains, you’ve most likely spent, or will spend, a decent portion of today sweating.  Yes, it’s hot and, during the summer when clothes cling wetly to our body’s every square inch or the pavement radiates an almost vicious heat, it becomes next to impossible to find the means and the motivation to remain physically active.  After all, it can feel like a feat just to walk from our car inside through the blazing heat.

Community boot-camps = outside and hot.  Running = outside and hot.  Paddle-boarding on the water = outside and hot.  Hiking = outside and hot.

It’s a trial to find stimulating, effective, and, most importantly, indoor workouts.  Luckily, there are ways to get your sweat on (without the sun’s unsolicited help!).  Try one of the following indoor workout ideas the next time taking it outdoors just seems too daunting:

1).  Tabata workouts: Tabata is a form of high intensity interval training (HIIT- most efficient weight-loss method and an excellent form of cardio), featuring a certain period of active work time followed by a certain period of rest time.  With Tabata, you can accomplish a quick, full body indoor workout in a short period of time.  Pick 5-10 of the below exercises; complete 3 rounds of each with :20 seconds of work time and :10 of rest time!

2).  Yoga: Got some space at home?  Got a yoga mat (or efficient towel substitute)?  If so, you’re golden.  Youtube has a fabulous archive of free yoga video sessionsYoga with Adriene is a well-respected and well-loved Youtube channel and provides yoga workouts for various purposes, whether it be relaxation, hip opening, or core strengthening. This is a great indoor workout and, bonus, it’s free!

3).  Running the stairs: if you live in a home with a staircase (or even an apartment complex with stairs), you’ve got this one in the bag, too.  In a Tabata-like fashion, challenge yourself to run/walk up and down the stairs for a minute on and :20 off.  Depending on your level of fitness, you can increase the amount of active time to several minutes.  Climbing stairs activates the rear chain, glutes and hamstrings, tightening and strengthening our bottom half!  Descending stairs activates the quads.

4). Indoor Cycling on a bike trainer: Enjoy riding your bike outdoors?  Luckily, there is an air-conditioned option that allows for a similar experience.  Bike trainers are sold on Amazon or various other online sites, and typically fix onto the back wheel.  You can create resistance using your bike’s own gear shifters.

Going for about $75- 200 (depending on the brand or quality), trainers are an awesome way to cycle indoors without spending lots of cash (i.e. on a stationary bike).  Can alternate between doing ‘hard resistance work’ with higher gears for a few minutes at a time and easy low-gear endurance riding.

5). Resistance Bands: Sold in inexpensive packages on Amazon, look for bands resembling rubber tubing.  Resistance bands can hook onto the top/bottom of your door frame and provide limitless opportunities.  Depending on whether you affix the bands to a doorframe or use “as is,” you can complete chest presses, bicep curls, assisted pistol squats, bent over rows, lat pulldowns, kneeling crunches, and upright rows.  See  Self’s extensive list of resistance exercises with accompanying picture and descriptions.

Altogether, it is certainly a challenge to stay active and excited during the scorching summer months.  Falling out of a typical routine is understandable, but each new day presents a new beginning, a new opportunity.  If, so far, you’ve been unsuccessful exercising outside this summer, don’t let past experiences stymy your ability to begin again!  Try one of the options listed above and see if it works for you; get those endorphins rushing and enjoy the celebration of your body!

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