Julia’s Book Club – Open Hands, Willing Heart by Vivian Mabuni

Julia’s Book Club – Open Hands, Willing Heart by Vivian Mabuni

Vivian Mabuni’s passion to influence is made so clear in her second book Open Hands, Willing Heart. I have not read her first book Warrior in Pink but I certainly want to now. For this review, I will break it down by Vivian’s chapters: A Willing Heart, What Gets in the Way, and Living an Open-Handed Life.

A Willing Heart

With the story of Ester from the Bible (among others) mixed in, Vivian helps us understand what it means to have a willing heart. In summary: Be willing to go where God wants you, trust His perfect timing, and open your heart to spiritual nourishment from Him.

What Gets in the Way

Vivian breaks down the barriers to have a completely willing heart that trusts in the Lord with all its might. Ultimately, she helps the reader identify which blocks are most prominent in her life. The section made me write down this prayer: Lord, help me stop clutching to control. Slow me down. Open my eyes to You daily. Use my life to glorify you and let me experience your deliverance.

(The only thing in this chapter I didn’t like was when she called the Instant Pot and essential oils… FADS.)

Living an Open-Handed Life

In this section Vivian discusses the difficulty of living through the moments and trials when God says no. She also adds a fresh perspective on how we get through the things we do not understand. “Having a willing heart means that we obey without seeing the end of the story,” Vivian writes. We are encouraged to become more aware and make friends with God’s children who are different from us. I finished this chapter feeling equipped with the knowledge of why we obey God… the greatest blessing we receive is intimacy with Christ.

I hope you’re inspired to pick up a copy of Open Hands, Willing Heart or send it to a friend who needs a reminder that true joy is found in a relationship with Jesus. Let us know what you think!

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