Keeping Jesus at the Center of Easter

Keeping Jesus at the Center of Easter

Easter is so much fun, y’all! We all get to wear white again [yes, I’m SO old school!] and the flowers are out and families gather together… It’s SUCH a fun time of year! Easter, for me, is such an incredible time to consider so many different things, but mostly the immense love that God has for His children, which was portrayed to us through the death and resurrection of Jesus. Y’all… each year I cry my eyes out on Easter just thinking of that sacrifice and how Jesus loves us so much that he was willing to endure all of that, die and conquer death all for me. While the Easter bunny and egg hunts and candy and flowers are so much fun [and I truly LOVE those aspects of the celebration], I want my boy to know the love of Christ all year long, but especially at Easter. Keeping Jesus at the center of Easter is something that, as Christian parents, we need to be intentional about. It requires effort, but it’s not too hard. Here are some ways we try to do it at our house:

We’re strategic about our Easter decorations:

I love to decorate my home for the seasons and Easter is no exception! Placing out colorful eggs and touches of Springtime make is so fun to do, but I also want to make sure that the true meaning for the season is all over our house as well! I love this Easter banner that says “He is Risen” and the story of Easter told out on the Family Treedition Easter Egg ornaments!

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We read Easter books that tell the story of Jesus:

Next to the mantle, I keep an Easter basket full of Easter books, most of them about the true story of Easter. These books stay in the living room, so when B wants to read if we’re sitting around, they are right there for the taking! These books are a great way to teak the story of Easter in a kid-friendly way. Here are some of our favorite books that do a great job of keeping Jesus at the center of Easter:

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We do Jesus-centered Easter activities:

The Resurrection Eggs

These eggs come pre-filled and alongside a book that takes you through the story of Easter. B LOVES opening the eggs and telling me what each thing is for. This is great because the littlest ones can just enjoy opening the eggs and see what’s inside and you don’t have to get too deep into the facts of what they all represent. You can just say things like “That hurt Jesus” “It made him sad” “The tomb was empty”… As they get older, the book has resources on how to tell the story of Easter and cultivate the conversation. It’s a fabulous way to talk about the story with young and old children.

The Family Treedition Easter Egg Advent Calendar Tree

I. AM. OBSESSED. WITH. THIS. COMPANY. That’s it. This past Christmas, we did the felt ornament Advent calendar that tells the story of the lineage of Christ through the entire Bible over the span of 25 Days, ending with the birth of Jesus. This Easter Advent Calendar completes the story by telling the story of Christ’s life, death and resurrection. Talk about keeping Jesus at the center of Easter… it’s Biblical truth presented in a way that children can understand. It comes with devotionals and is so beautifully made, that I love keeping it out at Easter decor!

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We keep it fun:

I’m ALL about blending the fun, Easter stuff in while still keeping Jesus at the center of Easter. While it has nothing to do with the true story of Easter, we dye Easter eggs, eat yummy, Easter “coo-coo’s” and we talk and read about the Easter Bunny, too! My parents did a great job of blending the two together and I want little B to do the same! I think Easter Egg hunts and chocolates are so much fun for the little ones to celebrate with, so long as there’s an emphasis on the true meaning of Easter. They don’t have to be separate!

Spending the holiday celebrating the gift of Easter with family is, to me, the best way to do it! Here are some fun photos of us this Easter. We spent the holiday in Austin with my family doing all the fun, family Easter traditions we could do, including dying MORE Easter eggs, on Saturday and basking in the grace and wonder that is this holiday at church and lunch on Sunday! He is risen, indeed!

How does your family go about keeping Jesus at the center of Easter? Tell me below! I could always use some more fun ideas!

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