Kicking the Year Off Right with Your Kids

Kicking the Year Off Right with Your Kids

How Parent-Led Prayer Can Help Your Children See the Bigger Picture

It’s a new year. The holidays have officially wrapped, and everyone is back to the daily routine of work, school and extracurriculars. In my experience the transition from holiday mode back to reality takes a little bit of finesse and a couple days before everyone is feeling truly settled in.

To help with this transition and kick this year off right with my kids, as a family we are doing a little prayer, reset and resolutions together. I wanted to invite you along in case you’re feeling like you could use a little encouragement and inspiration during this time!

Begin with Thanks

To begin, take a little time by yourself, or along with your spouse, in prayer. A simple prayer of gratitude for the privilege of parenthood. Take a moment to ask God for guidance for the year ahead with your children. Ask for patience, compassion, understanding. Thank God for your child or children and ask the Holy Spirit for help to love your children in the way that suits them best. To close, take some time to repent and ask forgiveness for those moments of frustration where you may have said words or spoken something over your child that wasn’t life giving. Being a parent is a tough job, I know personally there were times this past year I made mistakes. God’s mercies are new everyday. Allow yourself to start this year off with a clean slate.

Parent Prayer:

God, thank you for this precious gift of parenthood.
As we start the new year, I pray for your guidance and leadership in parenting my child / children. Grant me your patience, compassion, and understanding. Help me to see my child / children as you see them. Holy Spirit help me love my children the way they need. Help me speak their love language and fill their love bucket. Help me to parent from the overflow of my relationship with you.

God I ask for your forgiveness for the moments in the last year where I lost my patience, or acted out in frustration against my child / children. I repent for any words I spoke over my child / children that are not in alignment with your word, and your will for them. I ask for your grace and mercy and thank you for the chance to do better. Amen.

Ask God for Protection

Next, spend some time alone in their bedrooms and play areas, to pray over their year ahead (without the kids present). Pray for a sense of safety, security, protection, comfort and peace in these places where they spend so much of their time. Pray for their sleep, for their dream life, for the time they spend with their siblings, for their time alone, for their own quiet time with God. Pray that God will meet them here and reveal His love to them in new ways. Pray for their mental, spiritual and physical health. Pray that they will continue to make precious memories in these spaces in the year ahead. Here’s a simple prayer guide.

Protection Prayer:

Holy Spirit you are welcome in this place.

God watch over my child / children and protect them.

Let them have a sense of peace and joy in this place. Let them feel loved, cared for, safe and confident to be themselves here. I pray for sweet dreams always. I pray for wholesome sleep. I pray for your daily renewal, rest and refreshing.

I pray for precious memories to be made here. For you to reveal yourself to my child / children in new ways. That they will seek you here and hear your voice. I pray for healing and recovery wherever they may need it. I pray for complete health mentally, physically and spiritually. Amen.

Dream Together

Lastly, invite your children to join you to dream about the year ahead. Be creative together and make a dream map for each child. You can make up your own dream map template or I’ve included a simple template for you to print and use if you like.

click here to download your dream map

Adults often spend time mapping out goals and dreams for the year ahead, but my children are still young (4 and 6) and this was the first time we did this together and it was so much fun. If they can write their own name, then have them do so in the middle of a sheet of paper or do it for them. Don’t overthink the process and ask them for 4 things they either want to try for the first time or get better at in the next year. Write these down and then let the kids color, paint, add stickers or glitter as they see fit. It’s ok if it’s messy, or a bit chaotic looking, it isn’t meant to be perfect. Once their dream maps are done pray over these dreams together in hope and belief for the year ahead. Encourage your kids to ask God for help and guidance.

Dream Map Prayer:

God we submit these dreams and goals to you and your will.

Thank you for a new year to discover new things. Thank you for our family.

Lead us and guide us. Let us pursue you first and foremost so that all other things fall into place accordingly. Amen.


After praying together, hang the dream maps on the fridge, or the wall of their bedrooms so they can see them regularly and be reminded of their dreams and goals, but more importantly the time you spent together in preparation for the year head.

All the best to you and your families this year! Wishing you all peaceful and joyful parenting.

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