Lisa Nicole Grace



Lisa Nicole Grace has been deeply in love with words for as long as she can remember. She loves getting lost in a book, in a song, in someone’s life story, or even just an email from a dear friend. To Lisa words have power, words are magic. One of Lisa’s favorite things to do is to try and assemble words just so, that someone is touched, understood, celebrated, remembered, loved.

Lisa loves fresh flowers (sunflowers in particular), anything yellow, a hot cup of tea, making giant pots of soup and going for long crisp walks in Edmonton’s beautiful River Valley with her husband Jered, her son Asher (6), her daughter Wren (4) and her dog Rosie. Lisa owns and operates Thrive Catering Co. alongside her husband Chef Jered Evangelos and loves feeding and serving others. She is a worship leader at C3 Edmonton and a Singer/Songwriter. Lisa loves nothing more than to tell stories that celebrate and create connection.


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