It May be Time to Marie Kondo Your Phone – Here’s How

It May be Time to Marie Kondo Your Phone – Here’s How

Does Your Phone Spark Joy?

We’ve all seen her. Sweet little Marie Kondo making her way into cluttered houses and literally transforming lives by helping her clients cut out every piece of clothing, paper, book, etc that doesn’t spark joy. Whether she had you piling all of your clothes on your bed at 11:30 pm on a Thursday or feeling very un-joyful when you couldn’t quite master her origami T-shirt folding techniques, chances are, she encouraged you to look for what sparks joy in some way or form.

I’ll admit, just one episode had me convinced to make a mountain of clothes on my bed, and once I was done with that I started “kimono” in my bathroom. I admittedly lost steam and didn’t do much beyond that. Maybe it’s because I have babies and I wanted to be practical by not tossing their stuff before I was sure we wouldn’t need it again. Maybe it’s because my husband thinks we need four glass measuring cups (which do not spark joy because that means more dishes for yours truly). Whether these are legitimate reasons for not finishing this massive task or simply tired excuses, the one best thing I did during my Kon Marie craze was clean out my phone.

I have such a love-hate relationship with my phone. For one, it stores all my sweet photos and videos of my babies, and it allows me to communicate with the outside world on days when I feel like I’m stuck in an endless cycle of diapers and Mickey Mouse. On the other hand, it turns into a time suck that often has me locking the screen feeling worse than when I unlocked it. It fuels feelings of comparison and inadequacy. I can’t stress this enough; you need to declutter your phone.

Here’s how to Marie Kondo your Phone:

  • Start easy- with your apps. Delete any apps that you no longer use. Maybe you downloaded it 6 months ago to do one thing… it doesn’t spark joy, delete it! This will have your home screen looking SO much prettier.
  • Next, check your contacts. Chances are you have some from high school, college and adulthood, and I guarantee you only use a small percentage. Delete those people who you know you are never going to talk to again. In fact, you may come across names that you don’t even recognize. Bye bye! And bonus- this will give you the chance to change some last names of your recently married girlfriends.

Here it might get harder, but stick with me!

  • Clear out your social media. It took me way too long to realize that it is OK to mute, unfollow, or take a break from those accounts that don’t spark joy. Are you tired of your uncle who only posts political memes? Mute him! Do you find yourself feeling inferior rather than inspired by a popular mommy blogger with 80k followers? It’s okay to cut her out of your feed. Your social media should be building you up, not tearing you down! If you simply mute on Instagram or unfollow on Facebook, the person on the other end will never know that you aren’t seeing what they post. Once you do an initial purge, it will be way easier to monitor your feelings on social media and edit the accounts you follow as needed.
  • Finally, go through your photos. This one might take a while, so do it in bits and pieces. If you’re like me, you probably have 20x as many photos as you’d like because you shoot 20 photos to get that one perfect image. Go back and get rid of those extras! It will make going through your old photos and making photo books much easier and more enjoyable.

In 2019, it would be near impossible to give up these little electronic bricks we’ve come to depend on, but with some time and mindfulness, it’s possible to clear out the clutter and hopefully allow your phone to spark joy.

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  • Melanie B
    Posted at 17:43h, 20 August

    Love these tips!

    • Alli Regonini
      Posted at 19:35h, 20 August

      Thank you! I hope they help you clear out some clutter!

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