Momspiration Monday // Brittany’s Story

Momspiration Monday // Brittany’s Story

Momspiration Monday // Brittany's Story // www.

I honestly feel like I was put on this earth to be a mom. There is absolutely no question that parenting is something that I feel like I dominate in. I am comfortable in it, secure in the choices I make and, without a doubt, know that I make decisions that are in the best interest of my child. The day I had her,  I feel like I experienced a level of unconditional love that I had only experienced previously in my faith and it really is an awesome feeling – something that can not be described in words!

That said, parenting is DIFFICULT. There aren’t any number of books, stories from friends, or babysitting gigs that can prepare you for what you will face as a mother. This I am sure of.

We have perfect pictures in our heads of how things are going to be, the ‘Mommy and Me’ classes we will attend, the potty training that will happen by 18 months, the three languages you will teach them to speak by two – you get the drift. It all sounds good, but it can really be exhausting and if you are not careful, you can really allow society’s expectations (and the expectations you put on yourself) to defeat you and take away the joy of parenting without even realizing it. When you are scrolling through social media and see that perfectly placed mommy and me shot, understand that that was one of over 100+ shots just to get that one capture. Rarely do we, as parents, in a power of influence get real and share the good with the bad, create a space where we open up and share our struggles to build a platform of growth and learning.

Momspiration Monday // Brittany's Story // www.

I am honored and grateful that Chandler chose me as her Momspiration Monday feature and I want to leave you guys with my personal top 3 lessons I have learned as a mother!

1. Each Child Is Unique:

No matter what plans I had, I needed/need to allow myself to re-adjust them without feeling like I have “lost” in some way. Each child is unique and will require a different plan and require a different style of parenting. There is no one size fits all approach to being a mom, so being willing to go with the flow sometimes and readjusting YOUR plans can genuinely save you a lot of headaches and stress.  I have learned that trying to plan every step of my life ahead of time only leads to change of plans, disappointment, lack of spontaneity, and hinders me from living for today. So, I just don’t anymore.

2. Be Grateful For The Small Things:

I always thought that the biggest moments were the ones that would mean the most but, it turns out that our everyday interactions are the moments that bring me the most joy – as long as I allow myself to really BE in the moment. I personally had a period of time when I was all about “capturing” the moment and too busy scrolling through my phone that I didn’t realize that your kid just wants YOU. All of you. It wasn’t until I started putting my phone up during the week (mostly) from pick-up until bedtime that I really started to grow as a mom. It was that first “I love you so much mommy”, that I genuinely almost missed because my phone was ringing and I was one second away from running to go and get it that made me realize, “ Hey! It can wait!”, and I haven’t looked back since.

3. Trust YOURSELF:

Not everyone is going to agree with the way you raise YOUR child. Who would’ve thought huh?!  LOL! Stand firm in your beliefs, trust your gut, and make sure that you make decisions that work for your family no matter how unpopular it may be.

Momspiration Monday // Brittany's Story // www.

I am definitely not the end all be all when it comes to motherhood but, I do know what works best for me and my household and I genuinely find joy in learning from others. To all my moms out there [new and old] what are some of the toughest lessons you have learned from being a mom?

Brittany is a full time teacher, a fitness and wellness blogger and mother to Peyton [2] living in Dallas, Texas. Her blog, FitxBrit [pronounced “Fit by Brit”], is full of what she’s most passionate about, pursuing her desire to eat smarter and make better choices for herself and her family. She’s definitely a momspiration!

Do you want to share your story of motherhood with others? Do you have a momspiration you’d like to nominate to share their story and encouragement? Email us at [email protected]!

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