Momspiration Monday // Tanner’s Story

Momspiration Monday // Tanner’s Story

This is my heart.  I want to share it with you.  These past few years have been difficult in my life with much change.  Change that I never planned on.

Hi. I’m Tanner Cangelosi and I’m a recovering planner.

I’ve had to relinquish my plans to the better plans that God had for me.  A few years ago we had just moved to a new town with our three, two, and one year old children.  New job for the hubs.  New friends.  New house.  New can be exciting… but it quickly becomes terrifying when you realize you are not surrounded by familiar, but with change.  In that season we found our I was pregnant again.  This wasn’t a surprise, because we had hoped to go ahead and have our four babies close together… but what was the surprise is when I found out I was having triplets.


Yes, triplets to add to the 3 toddlers already in our care.

The next few years would prove hard, challenging and stretching.  They also would prove good even in the hard, because they made me start my days on my knees before a God who could handle all that I couldn’t.

Many days I didn’t feel like choosing joy, but it was just that, a choice.  I’m not suggesting “fake it ’til you make it.”  I tried that for a while and it landed in crying to my counselor.

My heart is that you would have real God-loving women surround you in your journey.  Through your change and heartache that you could cry to them and they could encourage you.  I hope they would wrap their arms around you and remind you that “If not, He is still good.” [Daniel 3:17-18]

I love the quote by Theodore Roosevelt, “Comparison is the thief of joy.”  With the plans God had for me, it was so easy to see others on social media being a better mom, having more fun, loving their vacations while I was at home with six crying babies and poop on my shirt.  Don’t make my mistake.  I now can tell you that I feel like I’m God’s favorite because of the six humans He has given me.  He is been faithful and I’m am never bored and I can usually be found laughing at the chaos that ensues in our home.

My outlet is painting. I even have an Etsy Shop where I hope to spread encouragement to others through my work. This painting is something we say to our children every single day. You are blessed to be a blessing. It’s so true and I don’t ever want us to lose sight of that.

Our heavenly daddy wants to remind you that His plans for you are good.  You are His cherished daughter.  So however you’re walking out this “mommy thing” know that you’re doing and incredible task with such rich purpose even on days it feels purposeless.  If you are lonely, depressed, broken, divorced, aching from loss, or overwhelmed… He longs to hold you and remind you that His plans for you are good.

Want to hear more of my story and how God has been our anchor through it all? I go more in-depth in this video:

Tanner is a preacher’s wife to Cory and a momma to Jacob Owen, Jill Holland, Coco, Hope, Zuzu, and Judah. While planning for a family of four, during her fourth pregnancy, she found out she was expecting triplets and life has been beautifully crazy ever since! When she gets a moment to herself, Tanner pours into painting and hopes to encourage and inspire others through her work. You can find her art available for sell in her Etsy Shop, Neon Southern Lady.

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  • Julie Gashel
    Posted at 13:26h, 08 May

    Tanner I have always had a great deal of respect for you seeing you juggle your little ones in BSF and then to be blessed with the Lamb picture at the end of the year blew my socks off thank you so much. Your are truly blessed and you bless those around you

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