My Postpartum Recovery Plan with NOW

My Postpartum Recovery Plan with NOW

Greetings from Scotland! We’ve been here a whole week and we have one week left of our family trip to the United Kingdom! We’re having the best time and celebrating so many wonderful family celebrations – my 30th birthday, my mom’s birthday, Cathlyn’s graduation and sweet Ainsley just turned three months the other day, so we’re celebrating that as well!

She’s three months old, ya’ll! We’ve made a quarter of a year with this little one! While I never really want this trip to end, the big postpartum recovery push begins when I get home! I’ve been back in the gym, supplementing my diet, and working to get back to my old, paleo-eating ways, but I’ve been heavy on the grace, telling myself that the biggest push to achieve my postpartum recovery plan will happen as soon as we return from the UK. So, there’s one week left for me to milk it – and, believe me, I’m milking it. I’m currently sipping champagne and eating gluten-free scones at high noon tea while I write this! One week left until I’m going max-effort on my postpartum recovery plan!

So… what exactly is my postpartum recovery plan? I’m spelling it out for you here so that I’ll have some accountability to make it happen and so that any of you new momma’s out there who want to create a postpartum recovery plan for yourself can see what I’m doing to help my body get back to clicking on all cylinders like it was pre-pregnancy! This is, to me, the best way to help my body do what it will eventually do on its own. I just want to give it some love, you know?

Before I begin, here’s what I’m making sure that I come to terms with BEFORE sticking to this plan – 1. This baby took 9 months to grow that baby, not 9 days. I need to understand that this sweet, wonderful body of mine isn’t just going to bounce back. 2. This postpartum plan is in place because I want my body to be HEALTHY. That’s why I’m calling it a postpartum recovery plan, not a get-back-to-pre-baby-body plan. The goal is to embrace the body that motherhood has given me and to be kind to it.

So… here it is! My postpartum recovery plan with my favorite items from NOW. In all its glory:

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Hydration is the key to detoxification and healing. I know that my cells will have the best chances of healing when I’m conscious of my water intake. I’m drinking a ton of water and taking Glutathione at night to help my body detoxify while I sleep!*

I wrote a post on why I love Glutathione as a detoxification support supplement.* You can read it here.

Increase my protein intake.

When I think of recovery, one word comes to mind the most – protein. It’s the best thing for your body, helping with the regeneration of your muscles, cells and even regulating cravings. My goal is to increase my protein intake by adding it into my diet more through lean meats and supplementing with protein shakes and amino acids.

To help my body recover after working out, I’m drinking the NOW Sports BCAA Big 6 Amino Acids before hitting the gym! I love the watermelon taste and the positive effects it has on my workouts!*

I know I still won’t be able to get enough protein in through diet alone, so one of my favorite things to do is to make a protein shake in the evenings, as a dessert of sorts! I love the chocolate egg white protein from NOW Sports because it tastes great and it’s dairy free!

Supplement my body with NOW Products I Trust.

I want to make sure I help my body heal and recover as best as possible. I know that, no matter how great I eat, my diet is not going to give my body every single thing it needs – especially as a woman. I’m adding the NOW EVE Women’s Multi-Vitamin to my daily routine. NOW Foods makes my favorite supplements and this tops my list! Since this vitamin blend is made especially to support the female body, I’m good-to-go with this daily supplement.*

I also want to help my gut do what it does best. That’s why I also take a daily probiotic. The NOW Women’s Probiotic has specific bacteria in it for women’s gut and reproductive health!* That’s why it’s also a part of my postpartum daily routine!

Focus on healing and restoration.

Now that there are two babies to care for, I need to be mindful of rest, breathing and relaxation now more than ever. I’m trying to take the following actions to help my body rest and recover during my limited sleep periods:

-Supporting my adrenals with Ashwagandha*
-Wearing blue-light glasses at night to help my brain wind down.
-Taking a hot, epsom salt bath before bed [just to have a minute or two of quiet, alone time]

Back to paleo and back to the gym.

While I was pregnant, I ate what my body craved – within reason. While I usually stay away from dairy, I knew my body needed plenty of it while carrying a baby, so I was quick to consume dairy! Now that baby is here and I’m no longer breastfeeding, it’s time to get back to my old diet to best support my body, especially with my thyroid issues… so, that means it’s time to say goodbye to the dairy and the grains I was eating often [corn and rice]. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. Did you know that a study shows that cheese is just as addicting as cocaine? I believe it. Goat cheese is my saving grace here. It’s my go-to, dairy-free option and it’s SO GOOD.

I have been back in the gym since I was cleared to workout again at 4 weeks postpartum. While I was back in the game, I was also making sure I started back slowly, allowing my body to heal. Now that I’m 3 months out, it’s time to get back at it with full-force. I’m kicking up my cardio by taking harder SoulCycle classes 3 times a week and strength and HIIT training twice a week with my trainer!

So that’s it! That’s what I’m going to do to help my body recover from having this precious babe of mine! Is there anything I missed? Add it in the comments!

Of course, if you’re creating a postpartum recovery plan for yourself, always consult your doctor first!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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