Nesting the Natural Way

Nesting the Natural Way

If you’re pregnant, you’re probably familiar with the term “nesting”. You know… That intense need to clean, organize, list and prep? It’s a thing. If you identify with that,  you’re “nesting”. Just like birds build a nest to to provide a cozy, safe and warm space for their little eggs to hatch in, nesting is your maternal instinct to prepare your home – build up your nest – to ensure that your baby has a safe place to live in after they’re born! Awww! All mammals do it, actually, and it can manifest itself in the need to scrub or organize or DIY fix things around the house or even go crazy at the baby store! The need to nest can start early or present itself in a burst of energy right before you go into labor – it’s different in every mom.

I was lucky enough to have a March due date, which meant that my nesting season aligned with Spring cleaning! So I had my house spick and span, just before springtime. It was wonderful! While nesting is wonderful, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  1. Keep it safe – let someone else stand on the ladders or step-stools so that you don’t put yourself and your baby at risk of falling.
  2. Don’t overdo it – It’s important to still remember that you need rest! My husband came home to me at 38 weeks on my hands and knees, scrubbing the grout in the kitchen floor with a toothbrush. I paid for that one later. Know your limits and outsource when you can!
  3. Be chemical-conscious – Remember that some chemicals in cleaning supplies can be harmful to you and to your unborn baby, simply by you breathing them in… on THAT note…

I prefer to steer clear of toxic chemicals when I clean, especially when anticipating the arrival of new baby! The chemicals found in everyday cleaning products can irritate eyes, skin and can be carcinogenic and allergy-inducing for adults, how much more so for a newborn? While I was nesting, I was inspired to share my natural cleaning solution recipes with the world, and I’ve rounded them up right here for all you other natural nesters out there.

Natural Kitchen Cleaning Solution
Natural Ways to Clean your Fridge
How to Clean your Front-Loading Washing Machine Naturally
Natural Cleaning Solution for all the Nooks and Crannies
How to Clean your Dish Washer Naturally

So get to cleaning, nest all you need to, but do it within reason! Your sweet baby will be so happy just to find their way into your arms, no matter what your house looks like!

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