Nike Metcons // Are They Worth The Hype?

Nike Metcons // Are They Worth The Hype?


Good Morning!

Last week I got a shiny new pair of Nike Metcons, you know, their new shoe made just for Crossfit athletes. I feel like everywhere I go, people who recognize them stop me and ask me if I like them. When it comes to Crossfit and cross-training, finding a shoe that fits every need is hard to do. We need something that provides stability and sits a little heavier for Olympic Lifting, yet is lighter for box jumps and gymnastics movements. We want a shoe that feels like nothing is there when we’re on the bar doing pull-ups, but provides protection for when we jump off the bar and move to running where we want our shoe to feel like a running shoe…


Needless to say, we’ll never find it, but I have to tell you now that, for ME, this shoe has felt like the closest thing to perfect that I have worn in a Crossfit gym in 3 and a half years! Here’s my overall rundown of the shoe and how it wears in comparison to my Reebok Crossfit Nanos.


On the Bottom:
The first thing I noticed is that this shoe provided much more cushion beneath my feet than the Nanos. It took me a couple of weeks running in my Nanos to get used to the lack of cushion or arch support in them, but when I put the Metcons on, the first thing I thought was “These feel more comfortable–closer to a Nike Running Shoe.” The bottom does provide more cushion, which leads to comfort, but don’t let that fool you… there is still MUCH LESS arch support than a typical running shoe, which I think is just fine for my flat feet.

On the Top:
The Metcons have a cool way of lacing that really secures the top of the shoe. I like the way the shoe holds my foot when I’m moving. I feel SO much more supported in these shoes than I did in my Nanos [granted, the Nanos are meant to feel like there’s nothing there.] Keep in mind that I’m feeling perfectly supported and like my foot is being hugged comfortably, but I have a narrow foot. One complaint I’ve heard from people, mainly guys, is that they feel like the Metcons squeeze their feet too much.

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How They Feel In…
Running // I love the way these feel, especially when I run. They provide the perfect amount of cushion to my soles and support around my whole foot.
Box Jumps // These shoes are very light and easy to explode off the ground in. They’re also pretty darn stable at the top of a jump. I can definitely tell a difference with them on. Also, the shoe, itself, is harder on the top, specifically on the toe. This provides a completely different level of confidence for me at least with box jumps because I feel protected if I were to catch a toe… Now if there just was a way to cover the shins…
Rope Climbs // They thought of everything with this shoe… there’s a cool rubber gripper on the sides of the shoes. I haven’t climbed in them, but a friend said they made ALL the difference for her during the 31 Heroes WOD.
Toes to Bar // These shoes feel light and easy to move in. You don’t feel like you’re lifting an extra 3 pounds on your feet!
Lifting // This is probably what surprised me most and, granted, I’m not a heavy lifter. I don’t want to get another pair of shoes just for Oly lifts because I’m just not that into training to lift super heavy… I just want one pair of shoes that I can do a wide variety of movements in, including weights, and feel supported, stable and comfortable in… The Metcons feel great during squats, cleans and even deadlifts. I did overhead squats in them and I definitely felt stable in them. They don’t have a lift like a weight-lifting shoe will, but you don’t want that for your other movements.

All in all… this shoe is a GREAT option for the diversity of the movements we do in a Crossfit gym [and they have pretty good color choices, too, so that is a MAJOR plus to me]! Also, anyone who reads this needs to know that I am now officially obsessed with the Nike Pro Dri-Fit Shorts. They’re amazing and I want a pair in every color. I hope this review was helpful to you in some way!

Have a VERY happy Tuesday. I go back to work this week! SO SAD!!!

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