October Activities to do with Little Ones

October Activities to do with Little Ones

The fall is finally here! While you likely already have some tried and true activities for the long days at home with your babies, it’s always fun to spice things up with some seasonal flair. Here are some of my favorite ways to enjoy the season with my babies:
Picnic at the pumpkin patch- this is pretty self explanatory, but why not pack up some food and prance in the pumpkins with your littles? They will love to explore all of the different shapes, colors, and textures available. This is an awesome opportunity to practice describing and comparing vocabulary, and you’ll probably get some cute pictures too!
Halloween sensory bin- there are so many options to get your kiddos doing some sensory exploration with an October twist. Try mixing any of the following: popcorn kernels, black beans, dyed rice, Halloween erasers (dollar spot find), plastic eyeballs, toy bats, or rubber bugs. Simply mix them up in a plastic bin, throw some scoops or bowls in, and let them explore!
Practice trick or treating- sometimes as adults, it’s hard to remember how new some experiences are to our littles. Set your baby up for success (and have some fun) by dressing up and practicing trick or treating at home. Simply have them knock on a door of a room in your house and practice saying trick or treat. You can give them whatever treat you want!
Creepy crawly or pumpkin hunt- think Easter egg hunt (inside or outside) with any Halloween themed item you have. Once you start, your little will likely want to do this again and again!
Paint pumpkins- there’s lots of opportunity for cuteness here! Grab a pumpkin at the patch or the grocery store, set up a drop cloth, and see what they come up with.
Sink or float- fill up a plastic bin (or the bathtub) with water and drop some small pumpkins in. Stir the water around and explore how the pumpkins move!
Bake a pumpkin treat- there are countless recipes with pumpkin, so pick your favorite, and bake it together!
There are so many great ways to teach your littles about the changing season and enjoy the sights, sounds, smells and outings that come with the fall. How do you celebrate this season with your littles?

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