Our Go-To Foods as a Clean-Eating Family

Our Go-To Foods as a Clean-Eating Family

Hey y’all, if you’ve been following along I’ve been sharing all kinds of things about our lifestyle change.  So, I thought I’d share about some of our favorite foods to eat as a family. As I mentioned in a prior post, I don’t always do recipes because, well let’s be honest, I don’t like taking the time necessary to search for a recipe and follow it.  I want to get what we want to eat made, eaten, and cleaned up as quickly as possible. But, even if I do a recipe, it’s still just a few ingredients. 

So, how about I throw some ideas out to you.  I actually asked a couple of our girls what some of their favorites were and here’s what they came up with:


-Fried Rice (riced cauliflower, eggs, veggies, and meat of your choice all cooked in the wok) and add some coconut aminos if you like.

-Sushi in a bowl (riced cauliflower, cut up salmon burgers or any fish, avocado, veggies) and add some coconut aminos if you like.

-Buffalo chicken (shredded chicken breast, ranch, cream cheese, Frank’s red hot sauce).

-Baked fish and vegetables.


-Yellow crookneck squash boats.  These include: 75/25 ground beef, my own special seasonings, some onions, tomatoes, baked, and devoured).

-Smoked tri-tip with mama’s special no sugar/no grain seasoning with homemade garlic-butter zoodles.

-Mama’s “special” pancakes…remember we don’t do grains and sugar, but on occasion I will do some almond flour.  These include: almond flour, eggs, sour cream (I know..weird), cinnamon, stevia, and on a special occasion I will add a few Lily’s Brand chocolate chips (made with stevia).  They are AMAZING and keep the girls full.

-Mama’s special smoked ribs with brussel sprouts cooked in bacon grease with some bacon.

-Parfaits.  These I mentioned in a prior post, but they are 5% full fat greek yogurt with some vanilla stevia or monk fruit, berries of their liking, and some of our “granola” (made with pecans, sliced almonds, chia seeds, hemp seeds, unsweetened coconut, coconut oil, and spices).

-Pizza, haha, not the kind of pizza most people think of.  This includes: a homemade cauliflower crust (made with cauliflower, eggs, seasonings) a no sugar added sauce or we just make our own, meat of their liking, mushrooms, olives, honestly whatever topping, and voila.

-Breakfast Casserole.  This is made with: ground sausage, cut up radishes (I know, crazy, but they take the place of potatoes.  I kid you not, don’t knock it until you try it), eggs, sometimes we add some peppers, and bake).


-Steak with steamed broccoli.  Easy peasy!

-Any meat with avocado.

-Any meat with cucumbers and a homemade ranch dip (sour cream and homemade ranch seasoning).

-Bacon and Eggs.

“C” and Me

The hubby and I, we are good with good ole’ steak and veggies all the time.  Haha. Our favorite go to meal one item though is called “noatmeal.” This is made with chia seeds, flax meal, and milk of your choice.  We tend do do unsweetened flax milk. Then you microwave it, add some berries, little stevia, and cinnamon. It’s DELICIOUS!! Other than that, like I said before, we keep it simple.  


Lastly, I bet I can guess what you’re thinking, dessert.  Well, we honestly don’t tend to want or crave dessert any more.  Believe me, that’s huge. I grew up with having something sweet the moment we got done eating a meal, so not eating them in the beginning was a journey.  I had to pick my hard and decide what was important to me. I needed to set a good example for our family. Anyway, we’ve obviously all had a birthday or a celebration of some sort since we changed our lifestyle.  For the girls’ birthdays, they actually wanted parfaits. They love them and love sharing them with their friends. My hubby and oldest daughter loved cheesecake. So, I got creative and started playing around, researching, and created a recipe.  The crust is made with crushed pecans, stevia, and real butter. The filling is heavy whipping cream, cream cheese, stevia, and vanilla. You can crush berries and put on top. Or, on a few and far between occasion, we found a chocolate and caramel syrup that has no sugar/grains added that they could drizzle over the top.  We also have created a (no sugar/no grain) chocolate chip cookie recipe and a brownie recipe for special occasions.  

It Works

Now tell me, does any of that really sound terrible?  I’m telling you, when people tell me this isn’t sustainable, it gives me the opportunity to share further.  To find out why they believe that and how I can help them overcome those thoughts. I get the opportunity to show them how far our family has come and how we have sustained this for well over a year.  I know God is working in and through me to help guide others. He’s got mighty plans. Much love and blessings.

*Always remember, we are created for a purpose and we should listen and obey God’s nudge when He places people in our path to help. “And do not forget to do good and to share with others, for with such sacrifices God is pleased.” Hebrews 13:6 


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