The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress with Tootsies

The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress with Tootsies

The Perfect Thanksgiving Dress // www.

I have an amazing family. There’s a TON of us. We’re all loud. We break out into song and dance at least once an hour and at any given moment, this sister does something hilariously weird and we all die laughing [and this is just my immediate family]. Holidays at our household are fun, crazy, stressful and full of memories, laughter and fun. This year for Thanksgiving, my whole family is coming in to Dallas and we’re going to say grace over a lovely Thanksgiving brunch at The Four Seasons Las Colinas… yes, no one is cooking, no one is cleaning, no one is hosting… This year is truly stress-free when it comes to the Turkey Table. However, this meal will be fairly dressy, so instead of donning my typical sweater-and-jeans-covered-in-flour-or-sweet-potatoes-or-cornbread-dressing [I’m the chef, usually], I get to put on a pretty outfit and join hands around a pretty table in a pretty location with my loved ones. I can’t tell you how excited I am.

So, in honor of my fancy-pants Thanksgiving meal, I’m sharing the perfect Thanksgiving dress to wear tomorrow.

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This little number is by cinq a sept [the Stevie Gilded Daisy Chiffon Mini Dress, to be exact] and I picked it up at my all-time-FAVORITE boutique here in Dallas, Tootsies. The dress is perfect for this Fall that feels like Spring. It’s long-sleeved, perfect for pairing with booties and the neck-tie and collar gives it a very polished look while the floral design keeps it sassy, girly and fun! The dress is A-Line, and flows loosely around the waist [perfect for hiding the post-turkey food belly] and the silk chiffon makes this dress a great fit for a nicer Thanksgiving lunch, or a even a holiday party!

Tootsies, of course, had everything I could ever need to plan my attire for the entire season. Every piece in their store is darling and fashion-forward, yet wearable. This is the perfect Thanksgiving dress for me to wear tomorrow!

chand-125 chand-113

By the way… Fun fact for the day… cinq a sept [pronounced: sendk-a-SET] is french for “five to seven”… it’s a term used to describe a fun meeting [AKA party] with friends after work, but before dinner… from 5-7. We call it Happy Hour… way less sexy.

Clearly this dress isn’t just the perfect Thanksgiving dress… I do believe this it’s perfect for your own cinq a sept with friends… don’t you? Head over to [or call] Tootsies and tell Dustin or Melissa that Chandler sent you!

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all! There’s so much to be thankful for!

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  • chiara Marie
    Posted at 19:02h, 23 November

    This is too cute. I love dresses like these. They are so classy and flowy and you can hide food babies too LOL

    Love it!

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