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Are you pregnant? Hoping to be pregnant one day? Wanting to start a family? Listen up. I’m about to tell you a secret that no one tells you when you’re pregnant or when the baby is just born… Babies come with A LOT of stuff. Like, A LOT. And as they grow… there’s more stuff and it gets bigger an bigger and bigger. Even though I tried my hardest to be ‘minimalist momma’ [I wrote “no gifts please” on the bottom of birthday party invitations, said no to the extra 3 outfits I loved at Buy Buy Baby and tried my hardest to only register for what we NEEDED to survive], my child has more stuff than we do and he’s only TWO!

I can’t deny that, while there’s a lot of stuff, each toy, outfit, book… etc. was given to him with love by someone who has decided to love my child alongside me. Now, for THAT, I am grateful. You see, B is the only grandchild in both of our families, the first great-grandchild in both families on my side AND he happens to have 3 uncles and 4 AUNTS. My mother alone has something[s] for him every time she sees him, which he loves! So there you have it. The spoil is real.

Now, our home. It’s the most wonderful place to live. I love my little home. It was the perfect size when we bought it 6 years ago for me, F and our 30 lb dog, Pudge. Since then, we’ve added a 110 lb dog and a 30 lb baby boy with all the stuff he comes with. The stuff began to pile and, with a nursery and a home office, there was nowhere to put it but the living room. When the baby is young, that’s the perfect space because you can sit there and watch them goo and gah on the floor peacefully while you sip on your coffee… but now? It’s, “Don’t throw that ball in here!” and “Watch your head!” and “Hey, we don’t do that in here.” It’s not a super safe space for our toddler to play. Plus, I found myself yearning for a relaxing moment in the living room after bedtime, but instead I found myself staring at a pile of toys and a teepee wondering what I could do to make F’s and my dwindling space our own again. Here’s our living room before:

So, we did something about it. We decided it was time to give our boy a playroom to serve as a space all his own. A space in which he could play safely. A space that cultivated imagination and creativity and allowed him to play rough and throw and climb in a better environment. A space where we could ALSO organize all of his toys and books and games in a space that was functional and fun! We decided on a Wednesday that we would transform our office into a playroom for our boy and would surprise him on his 2nd birthday [8 days later]. So, F got to purging the office space while I headed to PotteryBarn Kids for all the things we needed. Seriously, there’s no better place to find furniture that is functional for organization and cute and fun, so that the space allows your child to play all day!

We had to work by night like stealthy ninjas parents, as not to ruin the surprise. We spent Monday and Tuesday night painting the room, then Wednesday night was move-in night. I can’t believe we finished it in time! He LOVED it and still does! Here’s our Playroom Transformation… [I’ve linked everything throughout the post, but to easily shop them, scroll to the very bottom!]

We started by putting down this comfortable rug in the middle of the room. The rug allows my boy to play comfortably on the floor in the middle of the room! We then began the organizational process by filling the Cameron 2 drawer bookcase from PotteryBarn Kids with these awesome lidded storage bins and organizing the toys according to type. The flanked wall art above the shelving unit is also from PotteryBarn Kids and served as the color inspiration for the room in general. I decided not to go with a single theme [things-that-go, zoo animals, sports… etc.] for the room because I wanted to cultivate a play space where he can be creative across all forms of play! The shelving unit is the focal point of the room and contains all his necessities for play! It’s honestly the best thing I could’ve bought for organization because almost everything fits in the drawers, boxes and on the shelves!

There’s only one part to this room that is unfinished. We still need to paint and refinish F’s dresser that belonged to his great-grandfather, then his grandfather and now him. Each corner of the room serves a different purpose for B. In one corner of the room, we have his Tee Pee filled with blankets and stuffed animals and pillows. One day, I’m hoping this space can be a good nap time space, but for now, he loves to sit in his Tee Pee and have mommy read to him or play with his cars! We found the most precious painting of a dalmatian by a fan [it’s blowing his spots off!] at a children’s store in Houston called Doodles! B adores his dog, “Pongo”, and loves to tell us all about Pongo and what he’s doing!

In another corner of the playroom, we have all of his “Sports Stuff.” My younger brother’s playroom from when he was little was filled with these crates from PotteryBarn Kids way back in the day, so I filled one of them with all of his balls, golf clubs, baseball gear and hockey sticks. He even has his very own basketball hoop, courtesy of his Aunt Jessica! On the opposite side of the storage unit is the same crate filled with books! I placed his “Anywhere Chair” from PotteryBarn Kids there so that it would serve as his “reading space,” and it totally has!

My mother is honestly the greatest grandmother of all time and is the reason this playroom is full of unique and fun playthings! She gave B this Peg Perego play train that sits in the center of the room. B honestly rides it over and over and over! The best part? We had one when I was little so I love to watch him enjoy a toy that I loved so much as a child! Of course, when your grandson’s birthday party invitation says “No Gifts Please”, the only natural thing to do is get him his very own Tesla. Thank you, Mimama for this awesome toy! P.S. It actually goes SUPER fast. Like, mama over here can barely keep up with it! She also got B this awesome Dinosaur Train Table that B plays with all the time! It sits along the wall with you first enter the room. When I was at Target one day, I saw these DARLING, felt animal heads and knew they would be perfect right above the train table in B’s playroom! One of them is even a dinosaur! And that shark? SO CUTE!

We surprised B on the morning of his 2nd birthday with his new playroom and he immediately knew it was his! He ran in, saying “Oh wow!” and began to discover it all. This is honestly the best thing we could’ve done! B now has a safe space that is full of fun for him to play in. And momma has her living room back! YES! A huge thanks to PotteryBarn Kids for creating functional furniture that’s also cute and cultivates a space where he can play all day! To shop everything mentioned in this post, scroll to the bottom!

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