Building Your Pregnancy Dream Team

Building Your Pregnancy Dream Team

They say it takes a village to raise a child. I agree with that statement. I think it also takes a village to bring a child into the world. This pregnancy, I wanted to make sure that I surrounded myself with the right team of people to support me during my pregnancy, labor and delivery, so that my experience was exactly what I wanted and that I could really lean on their expertise! In other words, I wanted to create a pregnancy dream team!

When expecting, it’s important to choose the right professionals that you feel confident in trusting with your health and the health of your baby. I’m so happy to say that each person involved in my pregnancy was hand-picked for a reason and that my experience was made better because of their involvement. If you live in Dallas and are expecting, I cannot recommend these people enough! Introducing, my pregnancy dream team!

my pregnancy dream team

The Doctor

Dr. Roxanne Pero, MD – Women’s Health Specialists of Dallas

Dr. Roxanne Pero delivered both of my babies and I couldn’t be happier with her and the work she does. Speaking not only as her patient, but as her friend, she’s incredibly dedicated to her patients and does everything she can to make their experience while under her care amazing. She’s incredibly knowledgable and detail-oriented, assuming nothing and ensuring that every T is crossed and I is dotted! I trust her with my whole heart [and the two things more important to me than anything] and I can’t recommend her enough!

My doctor and I paired up to offer a one of a kind resource for pregnant women everywhere!
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The Doula

Nikki Knowles – Dallas Birth Doulas

Nikki made all the difference in my labor and delivery experience. She was there every single step of the way with my prodromal labor, answering text messages and calls at every hour and responding with incredible advice and encouragement. She was my biggest cheerleader and coach during labor and I am 100% positive that I could not have made it through natural childbirth without her. Franklin is equally as grateful for her and is now a believer in doulas and the difference they make. She knows her stuff and is ready, willing and able to do whatever necessary to help move labor along! Plus, if you cuss at her, she’s tough and loves you despite your tendencies while in pain! I adore this woman and I’m SO glad she has now become my friend! You can’t go wrong with Dallas Birth Doulas!

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The Chiropractor

Dr. Bree Katz, DC – Uprise Chiropractic

This woman. Y’all. I saw her every other week throughout the first 30 weeks of pregnancy, at which point I visited her weekly. Her treatments made me feel better EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. Plus, I laughed through every appointment with her and walked away from this experience with a friend! Bree just gets the pregnant body and can maneuver it to help with soreness, sleeplessness, morning sickness and more. However, she’s best known for this little fact – the average labor of her clients lasts 5-6 hours. You heard that right, even first time moms! She told me [just by feeling my pelvic bone] that labor was imminent two days before I had my baby girl. She also cured my morning sickness, I swear!

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The Holistic Guru

Dr. Jeff Ulery – Whole Body Health of Austin

Dr. Ulery has been my holistic wellness doctor since 2010 and has become a close family friend. I will drive to Austin to have an appointment with him over and over and over again because he’s just THAT good. I’m including Dr. Ulery on this list because I had some crazy side effects during pregnancy and no one could figure out why. I decided to give him a call and in an instant, he knew exactly what to do and how to treat the issue. Between his advice and my doctor’s care, we treated the root cause [overstimulated adrenal glands – who knew?] and I felt better almost immediately!

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The Trainers

Brock Boatman – Vive Personal Training
Jon McDowell – Vive Personal Training
SoulCycle UPTN and PRST – Dallas, TX

Throughout my pregnancy, I kept up a pretty good fitness regimen. I continued attending spin classes at SoulCycle a few times a week and I worked out with my personal trainer at Vive Fitness! Brock, my trainer, was encouraging and knew how to help me modify my movements accordingly. Jon was incredibly knowledgable and even did a series on exercise in pregnancy with me!

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The Photographers

Announcement, Gender Reveal and Bump Photos – Kristen – Kristen Dee Photography
Maternity Photos – Danielle – Danielle Nicole Photography
Newborn Photos – Alicia – Twenty Three Photography

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The Acupuncturist

Dr. Jacob Maurer, DC, CAC – Uprise Chiropractic

During one particularly long stretch of prodromal labor, Dr. Jacob was able to significantly reduce my lower back pain and even got the contractions to subside for a while with a few pricks of acupuncture. I know many women go to him for natural induction methods. If my babe had gone to her due date, I paid him a visit for this too!

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